September 20, 2016 23:06

Why pregnant women should not drink coffee?

Coffee - it is a well-known beverage that is made from beans of the coffee tree.It is known that before the 14th century, the plant grows only in Ethiopia, and in the wild.Only after he was brought to the Arabian Peninsula, it began to enjoy great popularity among the public.By the way, for a long time, the tree can not bring to Europe, but in the late 17th century, it finally happened.

Meanwhile, the opening of the plant took place, presumably in 850 BC, and initially boiled raw fruit of the tree, not fried.The well-known legend says that the first toning properties of coffee were discovered Ethiopian herder who noticed his goats after eating the leaves of this plant, did not want to sleep at night.He reported this to the abbot at the monastery, after which he decided to imagine the action of these grains.

now known a little more than 70 species of coffee trees, the majority of which consists of a small shrubs, and only a few reach the 11-meter height.Almost 100% of the total coffee received only

two grades - Coffea canephora Pierre ex Froehn.(Robusta) and Coffea arabica L. (arabica), the Arabica is much more popular, not least because of its cheapness and a nice aroma.But Robusta is more expensive, contains more caffeine, but it is considered less refined beverage with a flavor standpoint.

There is also a very expensive type of beverage, known as "Kopi Luwak" - you've probably heard about it.As for the class, it does not stand out, but the way to handle it is very interesting.The fact that the so-called grain eats Asian Palm Civet, an animal of the civet family, like the marten.The Asian Palm Civet stomach to digest only the pulp that surrounds the beans, and they subsequently leave their animal in a natural way.They were then harvested, washed and dried in the sun.This treatment gives the coffee, according to reviews, the unique flavor.The drink can try and we - a cup worth several hundred rubles.

Can pregnant women drink coffee?

We're a little distracted from our main theme.So, barely awake, almost every one of us the first thing runs to the kitchen, which would make himself a cup of coffee, which will help us to wake up.This habit is retained and in pregnant women.Wait, but because they can not drink this drink!

As surprising as it may sound, but scientists still can not determine whether the detrimental affects of coffee on the body really expectant mother or not.Some say that this is the case, others claim the opposite.Meanwhile, it is known that drink enough calories, which is especially felt when it add sugar and cream - for this reason it is not necessary to replace a full meal, whether it is morning, afternoon or evening.Moreover, it is recommended to use rigorously postprandial as coffee has a high acidity, which adversely affects the stomach.What can we say about such organs as the heart, liver, kidneys ...

Some time ago, doctors from Denmark conducted an experiment with which it was necessary to find out how much you can drink a cup of this drink girl in position without harm for their own health, andthe health of their offspring.The use of instant coffee in the amount of three cups daily has no adverse impact on either mother or the baby.However, here it must be said that in this coffee contains a lot of all sorts of additives, "chemistry", which at least are useless for any organism.But if you lean on the coffee, you can pay for it is great - up to a stillborn baby or even miscarriage.

And yet - whether to drink this sour drink during pregnancy?We believe that there is, I do not need this.Of course, if you so wanted it, brew yourself a cup, but they should not be abused.Still not convinced on this issue?Well, then we advise you to consult your obstetrician-gynecologist.Oh, he is sure to give answers to the right questions.

How to get rid of coffee addiction?

So, you have decided to live a healthy lifestyle and completely give up coffee.But it is easy to overcome addiction?

It depends entirely on your will power.In fact, the ways to solve this problem several.For example, many are advised to gradually reduce the share is used to drink a minimum of 10-15 days.At the same based and many other ways, that's up to you now they will not help - if you give up coffee, then it should be done here and now.

However, out of this situation is.In order that would have barely raised his head from the pillow, you are not rushed into the kitchen in search of the Turks try to replace another coffee drink, useful for the organism.Thus, it may be a glass of juice, a cup of black or green tea, yoghurt or something similar.All these drinks which are safer for you and help you recover.

Interesting data lead the American researchers.They found that the majority of people on our planet is drinking coffee in the morning for that to recover faster.This is true.However, you need to enjoy a drink and not drink it instead of energy.So if you are having difficulty in the morning (hard to get up, feeling broken), then just go to bed early for an hour or two.You will not believe, but it helps better than any of the known power industry!

From what else should give up during pregnancy?

In this case we are talking only about the drinks.

  • So, reduce the consumption of tea, both black and green.Why?Because they also contain caffeine, and not in such a small amount, as is commonly believed.Incidentally, it is desirable to dilute the tea with milk.
  • soda.They are dangerous because they contain a huge number of all kinds of "chemistry", which adversely affects not only the health of mothers, but her baby.For more information, click here.
  • Cocoa.This drink is dangerous because it has one very bad property - leaches calcium from the body, that pregnant girl is urgently needed.And it causes allergies.
  • As for the juice, it is better to give preference to freshly squeezed, not from the package, which in 99% of cases are not natural.But fruit juice is impossible to drink frequently - it may cause allergic reactions, is also not the best way affects the gastrointestinal tract.
  • What to drink?It is best suited homemade drinks, ie fruit drinks, jelly, fruit drinks, and dairy products.In any case, fluid intake should be reduced to pregnant, because it has a greater load on the kidneys