September 20, 2016 23:06

Why crack the skin on the fingers ?

Have you noticed that the majority of its work we are doing with their hands?Or to be more precise, the fingers.Of course, the hands are constantly in front of everybody, so I would like that they looked decent.Alas, this is not always - the skin on the fingers may wither, fade, and in some cases even a crack.Why is this happening?

  • Most often the appearance of the problems associated with external conditions.For example, you decide to wash the laundry is in the washing machine, and your hands, that's just a powder chosen a bad - it is too aggressive effect on your skin.The same thing can happen in the case if you do repairs - adversely affected by a variety of adhesives and building materials.
  • Very often cracked faced by people who prefer to stay outside in the cold weather without warm gloves.At such moments, the vessels constrict and the nutrients and moisture are no longer submitted to the hands.Therefore, even in the fall do not forget to take with gloves.
  • ailments prone to housewives who have a long time to keep your hands in the water.However, the problem may be encountered even if you begin to wash their hands often with soap and water.If you are afraid of germs and several times an hour to run to the bathroom to wash their hands for the purpose, then use a moisturizing soap.
  • Maybe his role is played by the use of unsuitable or simply poor-quality cosmetics.Try to change it.

Above we talked about the external causes of cracking.And now, some will tell you about the internal.

  • First of all illness can be caused by lack of vitamins and some elements in the body.Of course, they need to fill.
  • Another reason - metabolic disorders.Perhaps this is due to hormonal disorders, so it would be nice to be examined.
  • Finally, it may be a fungal disease of the skin.

Prevention and Treatment

Most often cracks appear due to the external environment.Accordingly, you should contact as little as possible with those stimuli that lead to adverse outcomes.So, if you constantly have to keep your hands in the water, you often take away an apartment with the use of chemical agents, or simply wash the dishes with washing liquid, then always use rubber gloves.There are they inexpensive, they can be purchased at any hardware store.

the case of soap, which leads to irritation, then it must be replaced.Use moisturizing soap such as Dove.Do not forget to use creams to moisturize the skin.Experts also advise to try medicinal herbal tea, such as chamomile.

And what to do if the reason is obviously something else?It is recommended to be examined by a specialist.This must be done, because to reveal the true cause of the disease the doctor can only after passing the required tests.If the problem is the lack of vitamins and minerals, you will most likely be discharged vitamin complex, and appointed a special diet with the addition of certain foods.But if the case is in metabolic disorders, among the vitamins can not do here.

By the way, if you have found a crack on the fingers, which bring you tangible discomfort, then wait for the sea weather is not necessary - timely appeal for medical help will quickly deal with the problem.Self-medication in such cases is strictly contraindicated - you can make yourself worse.

And of course do not forget about prevention - throughout the day moisturize the skin of your hands, because even this simple action will help avoid serious difficulties.

Traditional recipes

Next, we introduce you to a few popular recipes that help when the cracks in the skin of the fingers.However, do not forget that you can use them only in the event that a problem arises due to external factors rather than internal.

  • Recipe 1 .You need to bring a small glass jar and fill it with flowers of white lilac.Then pour it unrefined vegetable oil, and put in a dark place.Three weeks later we obtain a jar, filter the liquid - so we've got oil lilac.They treat the wound.
  • Recipe 2 .The process is extremely unusual, although, according to reviews, is very effective.You do not need any preparation.All you need is to eat at least one onion per day (preferably two).Eat onions, it is desirable together with the reception of other foods, not empty stomach.The main thing that was fresh onions.ATTENTION!Those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is contraindicated in this recipe!
  • Recipe 3 .It is necessary to take the flour, honey, butter and vodka (each ingredient one tablespoon) and how to mix.You should have a sort of ointment.Rub into the skin it is not necessary.It is necessary to put a little ointment on the gauze and secure it to the sore spot.After 3-4 hours the bandage to be removed.
  • Recipe 4 .And this is the easiest method.It should take a little bit of vegetable oil and grease them to the skin.Then you need to put on cotton gloves.Repeat the procedure a few days