September 20, 2016 23:06

Why scratched his head ?

And really - why?The question, of course, interesting.In many cases we are able to independently determine the cause of the itching, especially if it is just on the surface.Often, however, find this out only by a physician.But the most lousy in this situation that itching may start directly in public transport - from that moment you start to feel not just at ease!It's a shame!

causes of itchy scalp

  • The first head may itch because you are a long time it did not wash.Ridiculous?Yes, but this is what often becomes a cause of itching on the scalp.All you need to do - take a shower.
  • Dry skin - too common factor.Look more closely to their hair - they are dry, easily broken, electrified, poorly absorb moisture terribly fit and deliver you a lot of trouble?It is likely that the skin produces insufficient amount of fat.In some cases, the skin can begin to produce an increased amount of fat in order that would protect against environmental influences.If you start to wash your hair with shampoo for dry
    hair, you only hurt yourself!You need to use special moisturizing shampoo, and after washing or use a mask for an extra moisturizing balms.
  • theoretically possible that wound up on the head, for example, lice (or "pediculosis" scientifically).Lice for a long time associated with the person of their own Aristotle wrote, moreover, they are dried in the form more than once they have been found in ancient tombs of man.Typically, lice occur in children who pick up head lice in a kindergarten or school when dealing with other kids.By the way, if you think they prefer only dirty the head, then you are deeply mistaken.Jumping from one person to another, they bite the skin, causing itching and burning.But adults also leave the hair its "offspring" that in about a month will turn into an adult creature.
  • Perhaps the problem lies in the occurrence of seborrhea, which is formed as a result of changes in the composition and excess sebaceous secretion saloobrazovaniya.In this disease, the skin may be not only oily, but of mixed or dry.Seborrhea often leads to flaking scaly skin particles, which we call the more familiar to us the word "dandruff."
    As we mentioned above, seborrhea can be oily, dry or mixed.In the first case, expanding the sebaceous glands, which leads to increased hair greasy, acne and the formation of a yellowish color scales.In the second case salootdelenie reduced, which interferes with the structure of hair and dandruff appears.In the third, both identified above type of seborrhea can be shown together on the same areas of the skin.Treatment may be different depending on the cause of the disease.
  • allergic reaction to cosmetics.If the itching started after you have washed the new head shampoo and then used the new rinse well, then it is likely that the problem lies precisely in these tools - they cause a similar allergic reaction of the organism.What should be done?Most likely, the return to the former shampoo that does not cause irritation.Also, chances are that after a few applications itching pass.Specialists sometimes recommended to use baby shampoo that does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (used as the main detergent base).
  • fungus scalp.Unfortunately, the disease is not the most pleasant.It represents a fungus that literally captures the scalp.Catch it very easy - if the children are infected by it from animal, adult - after a visit to the hairdresser, who does not handle their instruments.Symptoms include: dryness, appearance of sores or scabs, itching, hair loss.The main problem is that the fungus can be cured and it is extremely difficult if not immediately begin treatment, the site of the lesion in the hair may stop growing forever.If you have any suspicion of fungus, we recommend enroll as soon as possible to a specialist at the reception.
  • If you're a girl, it is possible that itching is the result of an allergy to one of the tools contained in hair dye.For example, it may be the same ammonia.What to do?The simplest solution - the use of paints and tinting shampoos that do not contain ammonia in the structure.
  • Finally, pay attention to the money that you use to wash bed linen.Chances are that the irritation of the scalp is due to the fact that you have a banal allergy to laundry detergent or rinse laundry

What if scratched his head?

In principle, everything is clear without words - it is necessary to find out the main reason for which there was this unpleasant itching.First of all you need to do your hygiene if you forgot about it.If you already go to the bathroom every day, then immediately turn your attention to the shampoo that you use.It is likely that the reason for "mange" can also be a hair dye.Try to replace these funds for similar and if it will never use them again.

If after some time you could not get rid of the problem, it is not necessary, as they say, to wait for the sea weather, and you should immediately seek help from a specialist.After all the tests will be diagnosed and prescribed treatment.

By the way, when it comes to head lice, you will have to be treated not only contamination, but also his entire family, because lice are easy to get over to the head of one person to another.

extremely important detail, which many for some reason forget.Never, under any circumstances, do not use someone else's comb or towel.Otherwise, you are putting yourself at increased risk.And of course, do not need to provide these items, even the closest friends.If we talk about the towel, you can pick up this infection that lice only cause a smile.Be attentive to your health!