September 21, 2016 23:06

Why the child walks on tiptoes ?

birth of a child - it's always a great happiness for mom and dad.But contrary to expectations, the parents lies ahead are still many difficulties, many of which occur in the first years of baby's life.But even after reaching a certain age, baby could be in trouble, such as walking - for some reason he goes to the toes.Because of what it could be?What to do in this case?

First you need to stop panic and give myself to calm down, because often it may not mean anything.Nevertheless, about the difficulties you must tell your doctor.

Reasons phenomenon

In fact, very many kids begin to walk on tiptoes because it is for them to become a new way of understanding the world.They just got up on its feet and trying to see as much as possible, so in any case it is not necessary to abuse the crumbs.Believe me, after a while, he perfectly understands that move on the whole foot is much more convenient.

If the child moves to a walker, then they are probably too high for him, so he gets to the floor only so

cks.This is wrong, because later it will start to move around on legs in the same way.If you use a walker, be sure to choose them by size.In fact, many doctors did forbid them to put baby.

Much worse when the problem lies in the so-called muscular dystonia - fault on a certain area of ​​the nervous system responsible for the autonomous processes of the human body.Roughly speaking, one group of muscles located in an elevated tone, and the other to the contrary reduced.However, do not be so afraid of the situation, because it is always a way out.

  • Firstly, perfectly helps banal foot massage and baby muscles.You can also try to draw on stops any numbers or letters, at the same time taking the kid some hilarious stories.
  • Secondly, a good remedy is simple gymnastics.In addition, some experts recommend to start swimming with the baby, but this should be done only under supervision.You can also buy a special orthopedic shoes.Incidentally, another interesting way - often wear a baby, and not just before going out, but also at home, what would he gradually formed a correct step.Not the fact that it will get done right the first time, but with a standby time certainly justified.

must be remembered that the problem can not be left to chance - about it you should definitely inform your doctor, because if the disease is left untreated, then it can lead to ailments such as bad posture, curvature of the spine, or even cerebral palsy!

Where to go?For the neuropathologist and the sooner you do, the better.In addition, the body of a child is best treated by simpler methods than pills or antibiotics