September 24, 2016 23:09

Can I get pregnant from an animal ?

is believed that on the Internet you can find everything your heart desires.In fact, it's true.You can fall in love and find his soul mate - evidence that weight.However, every year, people calling me, even slightly, but changes are still there.And often some requests so unusual that even wonder where they all come from.Here's an example - what if my toilet dancing?And really, what?But this - the usual meme, of which the World Wide Web are vast.It is quite another thing when people ask this question - and it is possible to get pregnant from an animal, for example, from a dog?At this point One wonders, why do ask such a thing?And come to mind all sorts of nasty things ... However, this question is really very interesting and today we will try to find an answer to it.

looking for the answer

According to scientists, this question dominates the minds of people from distant times, when not that about the internet is not even thought of, even non-existent machines.At the same time we began to conduct e

xperiments on a variety of creatures belonging to different species - they are mated with each other.In those days it was thought that it might help prevent the development of certain diseases.

However, those experiments ended in nothing, because the binding of the two species to nothing resulted.Why?The fact that fertilization is essentially a connection of two identical pairs of genes of chromosomes.In other words, the substance must have mated with one kind of DNA, so that fertilization can be successful, including a number of other features, which in this case is not important.

In more simple terms, when intercourse with any other human being, for example, with a dog, fertilization is physically impossible, because the chromosomes belonging to different classes, simply cut off each other.Their connection is not possible.

However, any rule there are exceptions.The fact that the chromosomes structurally similar animals frequently produce progeny.For example, when pairing the tiger and the lion can be born awesome "cat" called a liger - today it is a very rare and valuable at the same time an animal that is almost impossible to find in nature.Leagrove peculiarity is that females are able to fertilize, but the males are sterile, that is, incapable of reproduction as a consequence of certain factors.However, in the case Leagrove offspring, although very rare.

Another example - a mule.Mule - a young donkey and a mare.As in the previous case, the majority of male sterile mules, although it is fully applicable to the females.

monkey and man

above you and found out that under no circumstances, a person can not get pregnant from an animal.But to catch some disease - it is, but we'll talk about it some other time.Surely you have wondered - once the tiger and the lion can produce offspring, then surely monkey can fertilize human?No, this is not so, and that proven scientists.

The reason is simple - despite the similarities with human simian, we have different chromosome set, making fertilization impossible.Although there is a high probability that sometime in the very distant past, people could mate with monkeys and even produce offspring, because for thousands of years in the structure of humans and animals have changed a lot.

By the way, a few years ago Western scholars would cross a human embryo with the monkey, but the public called the act as immoral.In addition, the law forbade the scientists to conduct such research.However, young minds have found a way out - they told the public that as a result of cross-breeding is possible to open a cure for cancer.The government heard the words of the scholars, and went to them to make concessions.Today, this experiment is gaining momentum, and its results, we need to find out in the next few years