September 24, 2016 23:09

Why vacation at Russian resorts is more expensive than abroad ?

Now there are few Russian people who've never been to the sea.To tell the truth - even the children are sent annually to splash in the salty waters.It is worth noting that such a vacation taken hold on the territory of the Russian Federation, for example, in Sochi and Anapa.However, in recent years, Russians are increasingly began to notice that the price of housing, food and services are constantly growing.Would not it be cheaper to fly abroad, for example, in Turkey the same?It turns out to be cheaper and much more.With what it can be connected?

all too banal - everyone wants to grab their share.Consider a situation - you come in Gelendzhik, one of the leading Russian tour industry.In the season stay worth, say, 3,000 rubles.Expensive?Still, it is extremely expensive!But you will agree, because the cheaper housing in these areas is not found.On the one hand it turns out that resting himself to blame, paying crazy money for a doss house.On the other hand, there is no choice.And this sum is equal t

o a pair of triple-nights accommodation in a cheap hotel in the same Turkey, where food is included in the bill.

However, the problem is not just about money.Service itself is not, but if he is, it is only in the insanely expensive hotels.If you take a parallel with foreign resorts, then a relatively small cost, you get at least the minimum, but still service.

By the way, here are the reasons why the Russians ignore their homeland resorts.Firstly, it is dirt, debris.With this extremely difficult not to agree.Second, the mentality.Sometimes, you know, I want to go away from the Russian mat or shouts "Tagil !!!" from the next room.Third, overseas tend to experience more excitement than at home.

Although the Russian government is constantly discussed issues related to recreation in our native towns, this topic remains open.If debris is still possible to try to cope with the inflated prices - it is unlikely.If so, and will continue to go on, tourists will probably still better to choose a foreign holiday