September 27, 2016 23:00

Why do men like girls with long hair ?

Many girls do not understand what all the same hair like men.Some of them are trying to grow as long as possible, while others are cut almost at zero ... So what do you do with your hair?

Let us turn to history.If you remember, in ancient Russia long hair were mandatory attribute of any young girl.Before their marriage actually obliged to wear a long braid, although after the wedding, you could see a big mop on his head, which turned into a braid. Thus a married woman gave the world to know that she was married and her attention is focused on his favorite and family.At the same time, a married woman, to dissolve the scythe in front of another man, was considered unchaste.

turns out that the girl with long hair gives a sign guys - I supposedly free.Of course, should not be taken literally, this aspect, however, a subtext of this is, you will agree.Those ladies who we are happy to watch a short haircut or hair gathered into bundles, often focused on other than the family business.And in most cases th

is career.These business women are often very successful in the work, but suffer from a lack of male attention and caresses.

But do not get so hung up on her hair.The main thing - to always be feminine.For example, when you start dating a guy, you're always trying to look as good as possible, holding the mirror for several hours every day.However, after marriage, many girls are not something that would no longer care for themselves, but rarely painted, believing that a husband should love them, whatever they may be.In fact it is not.You must try to be what you have been on a first date and do not smarten up only when you meet with friends - believe me, the man is very appreciated.

As for the love of long hairstyles, it is really for many men spotted a weakness.Again, here plays a significant role femininity, besides such hair is associated with something airy and delicate.And then, "korotkostrizhennye" according to many guys are a tomboy that discourages take care of them.

We believe that this is just a prejudice, is firmly entrenched in the minds of men.Look at Emma Watson, star of "Harry Potter" - unless it looks bad with short hair?No, it looks great!