September 27, 2016 23:01

Why do people use drugs ?

Really, why?The reasons for this can be set.Here are the most popular ones: boredom, self-indulgence, the influence of friends, the desire to relax and get away from the pressing problems that exist in our school, home or at work, the purchase of a new experience, a simple desire pokayfovat.

Most addicts are sure that all of these prohibited items will help solve their problems.Alas, after a while the drugs themselves are the problem - to abandon their use of oh how difficult, and no money to purchase them constantly needed.

By the way, in essence drugs are poisons, whose actions depend on the dose and on the destination.For example, some calm, inhibiting the activity of others, on the contrary stimulate the body, making us alert and expend energy.

Who is most often a drug addict?Our children who have reached a certain age.If this tragedy happened in your family, do not rush to throw off all the bad friends of your child - it is possible that the problem lies within you.Consider whether the atten

tion you are paying a lot of his offspring in recent years?As a whole attitude to it?It is possible that he decided to find understanding and love in drugs.Here, many moms and dads trying to put their child in the hospital, where he will try to cure.And in this case, often only increases the chasm between the child and parents.

Some addicts sometimes still understand that it's time to throw this case, however, as a rule, it happens when, as they say, "late to drink mineral water."All of these harmful substances is extremely negative impact on human health.Thus, due to their compromised immune system, their effect negatively affects the internal organs (especially the liver, kidneys and brain), and the probability of catching diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis, are incredibly high.

However, some still refuse to get this terrible habit (by the way, a lot of celebrities from around the world among such people), although to do so they had to overcome itself.However, to do this on their own are unlikely to succeed, so you need to apply to a special clinic, or, in extreme cases, to a psychologist.Yes, it's not cheap, but in many cases is very helpful, though, alas, not always