September 27, 2016 23:01

Why shell noise ?

Despite the fact that summer is behind us, we fondly remember those days of fun, which was carried out on the beach.Many of us had the opportunity to visit the resorts, where it was possible not only to sunbathe and swim in the sea, but also buy a variety show.Some of you probably brought shells - they are not only beautiful, but also able to publish the sound of the sea, or something very similar to it.Where did he come from?Let's discuss in more detail the very interesting question.

What is a shell?This protective outer skeleton formation, covering the body of many invertebrates.Of particular interest are the shells of mollusks, as they have a fairly large size, bright colors, and sometimes very unusual shapes.By the way, use them not only for the beauty - in some places in ancient times they were money, while others were used as receptacles, and now are producing ornaments, buttons and so on.

But back to our main topic.Loudest sound comes from large swirling shell.Of course, always nice to put

your ear to it is the product of nature and enjoy a wonderful sea-notes, even an adult, and so it is clear that the shell can not save the murmur of the sea.

According to one of the most popular theories, we hear the sound of the movement of blood flowing through our blood vessels, which is reflected from the surface of the shell.Interestingly, this view supports a large number of people, in fact, this theory is not true in the bud.Prove it is very simple - be engaged in physical labor or just run around 5-10 minutes.The blood, as you know, in these conditions, begins to circulate more quickly, which means that the noise that we hear, will be much louder.In fact, it did not change the volume.

Defenders other versions say that the noise shell because it passes through a specific air flow.This, incidentally, may explain the fact that the closer the shell presented to the ear, the louder the sound.But here, all not so easy.An experiment was conducted - the man gave a hand shell and he went along with it in an isolated room, where put it to his ear.What he heard?And nothing and this despite the fact that there is air in the room.So, this theory is also not true.

But next, the third version was the most truthful.It turned out that the sound of the sea is nothing but the noise of our environment, which has been reflected from the walls of the conch.Moreover, we hear it in a distorted way.And the larger the shell, the sound is richer.To check this, you can take a glass in his apartment, or glass, for example, a vase of flowers and attach them to the ear at a time - the noise completely different, but it will still remind us of the sea and the waves.

As you can see, everything was very simple