September 27, 2016 23:01

Why do women grow a mustache ?

Many women are faced with growing a mustache, which prevent them from living a normal life.At the same time such a problem can be faced and very young girls.Why is this happening?Let's try to find an answer to this question.

Our ancestors had a strong scalp, and this applies to both men and women.Hair needs to have them that would retain heat, but also to protect themselves from exposure to the external environment.Over time things changed, people started wearing clothes, so they no longer need to cover.However, in men, though the vegetation was less, but it will not go away.But the girl is almost completely get rid of it.

so happened that a woman with a mustache at different times were perceived differently.First, they worshiped, but eventually changed its view of humanity, after which they started to make fun of.That's just what the poor lady was not to blame for the fact that the nature had created them, no one thought ... However, today the situation is much better than before.Everyone underst

ands that this is indeed a serious problem, which is associated with health.And to solve it, alas, it is not always possible.

Causes mustache

As is known, in the body of each person present at the same time male and female sex hormones.If we talk about women, the presence of male hormones in them is minimal.However, there are various cases where the percentage is significantly increased, which leads to problems: the menstrual cycle is disrupted, there acne or acne and excess vegetation.

worth noting that the most susceptible to this illness of the girl with dark hair, and no matter what they grow and what their figure.The problem lies in the fact that the hairs appearing on his face, clearly visible, can not be said about blondes are also prone to this problem.

vegetation often occurs in women.Why?In 40-50 years, begin to occur strong changes in the body, hormonal disorders occur.For example, it may be a malfunction of some glands.

not be discounted, and some gynecological problems, which in turn can lead to disturbances in the adrenal glands, ovaries, and sometimes even cause infertility.

If we talk about young girls, there is illness can manifest itself on the background of menstrual disorders.It is also important for women who suffer from obesity.

Quite often the problem makes itself felt after the consumption of certain drugs, especially hormonal.

Finally, the cause of the antennae may be a hereditary factor - it is possible that the difficulty faced by both your mother and grandmother.Ask them about it in more detail.

What should I do?

If your face suddenly appeared a mustache, then in any case do not run headlong for the tweezers!First we need to find out the cause of their appearance.And how to do it?That's right, you need to seek professional help.Which is it?In the first place to the endocrinologist.And only after will be diagnosed, you can proceed to the removal of unwanted vegetation.

However, there is one important point - if the disease is associated with hormonal disorders, then getting rid of the hair does not help you, because they will appear again and again.Therefore, you must undergo cure by means of drugs, which must prescribe physician.As a rule, we are talking about the pill, but it all depends on the diagnosis.And remember that in such cases self-smoking - can only exacerbate their situation!

How to remove mustache on his upper lip?

Just make a small digression - never remove vellus hairs from the front, as they have absolutely every woman.They just discolored and notice them only when the closer examination.If you start to pull them or, worse, to shave, then trouble is inevitable - you will begin to appear real hair, in its structure and appearance similar to the male beard.

As for tools, then use them contraindicated!Why?Yes, because you avoid simply can not be in this case the bristles!

Many women resort to the help of tweezers.Yes, the process is interesting, but it can help only when the face appeared a few hairs.In addition, after a time, they will reappear at the same spot.

However, the most relevant and valid method - hardware cosmetology.Its meaning is that the electrolysis destroys the hair follicle, so hair growth stops.Another option - laser removal of vegetation.Which method is best to use you, we can not say - this issue is best to consult a specialist.

It should be noted that the above methods are rather expensive, so it may come discoloration of hair.This can be used as a normal solution of hydrogen peroxide and specific drugs sold in pharmacies.However, the first time the procedure is not always helps, and it must be repeated several times.However, for those women who have sensitive skin, discoloration should not use