September 27, 2016 23:01

Why nail polish bubble?

Imagine that you went to the beauty shop and found the nail polish is incredibly beautiful shades.Despite its considerable cost, you decide to buy.Once in the store begin to imagine how it will look beautiful.Here you finally struck varnish and after only a few minutes after it dries find that it bubbles.Why is this happening?


  • main reason of air into the varnish - shake the vial before use.Remember, never shake it up and down, it is better to shake apart.However, even in this case it can bubble up, so there is still a better option - simply hold the bottle in the hands of a few minutes, so you have it warm up a little.
  • If you are dealt a single layer of varnish, and think that it does not look as rich as if you wanted to, you do not need to apply another layer immediately.This can be done only after it dries.And that in fact a lot of girls are starting to put on five layers, and then complain ...
  • Before you begin the procedure, always degrease nails.This can be done, for example,
    nail polish remover.However, the most common approach alcohol.In beauty salons sell special liquid degreaser - you can try to use them.
  • Always try to keep the paint closed, out of reach of children.The fact is that if it gets wet, this will lead to the fact that the liquid starts bubbling.In this case, correct the problem will not work.
  • not surprising appearance of bubbles, if you decide to use the old varnish, which is found at home.So, it will dry very long time, and besides, your manicure will look ugly as a minimum.Therefore, including not recommended to use the older products.
  • If you are using a foundation for the lacquer, it is quite possible that it interacts with itself varnish, and this leads to the appearance of bubbles.There are two ways out of the situation - or stop use basis, or else try to change the brand of products.
  • believed that bubbles can appear and if you are hypersensitive varnish.Try to change the manufacturer, maybe this will help.


And now we will talk about some of the secrets that will help you make better quality manicure and protect against puzyrikov.

  • Firstly, always try to use the base for lacquer
  • Second, never wash the brush with water.Furthermore, as little as possible to keep it air.
  • Third, always dry the all layers of varnish alone does not impose a single layer on the other!
  • Fourth, do not wash their hands before a manicure, because the water is instantly absorbed into the skin, as well as nails