September 28, 2016 23:00

How often you can dye your hair ?

Girls love to be transformed, and often this is due to hair coloring in a different color, different from the natural.For example, yesterday was a brown-haired woman, our heroine, and today it has become a blonde.It would seem, live and be happy, but not so simple.The fact that the hair tint must be periodically because after time they reveal their dark roots.This happens fairly quickly, literally within a couple of weeks.This raises the logical question - how often can be colored hair?

Hair Dye

Speaking of paint, it may have varying degrees of aggressiveness.If you use a soft and unstable vehicle, it is likely contains ammonia and hydrogen peroxide is very low.However, the resistance of a paint quite amazing - a month later, you have to be painted again.Therefore, these methods are good only if you do not change the hair color, but simply want to make it more complete.

quite another matter when it comes to the use of resistant paints.They contain not only a large amount of hydrogen peroxide and

ammonia, which is not the best way affects the hair.On the other hand, this means better stain them, so their color can be much more intense.However, you can not use it more often than once in two months, otherwise the hair with health problems are provided.By the way, also do not forget that you need to use the paint according to instructions, otherwise you may get burned, and the color will be different from the stated amount.It is not surprising that such paint is most often recommended for use for full clarification or gray hair coloring.

I would also note that damaged hair is highly undesirable to paint proof paint, as their condition may deteriorate considerably.

using natural dyes

If we talk about natural dyes, the most popular in our country uses henna and Basma.The first is obtained from the dried leaves lavzanii, and the second - from the leaves of indigo.Both of these plants grow in the East and in Central Asia.Henna has a yellowish tint, and Basma - grayish-green.

believed that separate henna hair dye can not be said Basma - only with henna, because otherwise the head of hair color can be green!In the first case it turns chestnut hue, but if the two colors mixed together in different proportions, you can get a variety of colors, including black, or even bronze.

Henna, incidentally, quite useful.In particular, it contains plenty of tannins and essential oils, which in turn leads to a strengthening and recovery of hair.In addition, many after using this substance notice the gleam in her hair.Not surprisingly, in the eastern countries, even men use henna.

However, this does not mean that use of henna and basma you can almost every day.Instead, use them to the full color is possible, since the particles of these substances no more than once every two months clog hair scales, causing hair to become dull and lose their attractive appearance.But it is not recommended at this tint roots can be a bit more often, although this often.

tint cosmetics

Recently gained special popularity tint means by which are shampoos, conditioners and tonic.They enjoy a very large number of women and the majority of them believe that the use of the same tonic, you can at least every day.Nonsense!Ask any expert in this field and he will tell you that you are greatly mistaken.Why?Of course, tinting means practically does not contain hydrogen peroxide, but the damage to the hair can still be painted if the tonic every week.Tonic is recommended to use no more than two or three times a month, but then you will not harm their health and hair.

Care for colored hair

Finally I would like to remind you that dyed hair requires care of itself and is expressed in the use of special cosmetics: from shampoo and ending with special lotions and sprays.Why do it, you ask?The fact that not only the cosmetics prevents rapid leaching out of the hair dye particles but also returns them to the natural beauty