September 28, 2016 23:00

How to get rid of Suction ?

All of us know the feeling of passion, when you're trying so hard to kiss mate that around her neck, or, say, the chest is aspirated.Last is a small bruise that looks are not the most aesthetic way.The male half of the population probably only grin when he saw on his body a hematoma, but the girl in the neck, it does not look the most appropriate way.Of course, nothing predrassuditelnogo available hickey there, the more we live in the 21st century, however, the weak half of humanity is so obviously does not believe and prefer to get rid of them.How to do it?

use various means

According to experts, instantly evaporate hickey can not, in principle, and here you will except a miracle.The minimum period for which you will be able to forget about the presence of bruises on his body - about 2-3 days, but only in the case of tissue damage relatively shallow.Otherwise you have to wait much longer, seven days or more.

  • But back to our methods.The best option would be the purchase of special ointments fro
    m bruises, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.They really help to get rid of bruises on the skin, some a little faster, some - a little longer, but a strong difference between the two is not found.There, at the pharmacy, you can buy and the other ointment, which is not only struggling with bruises, but their masks thanks to special substances that make up the drug.Of course, this ointment will cost a bit more expensive, but how effective it is, you can only find out by trial and error.
  • As strange as it may sound, but not bad copes with this problem is the usual baking soda.We need to take a little soda, dissolve it in water with a cotton swab make lotions.There is another option, as is a small soda poultice and applied to the damaged area.It is recommended to use the first technique because it does not so adversely affect the soft tissue and not damage the skin.Thus aspirated disappear in a day or two.
  • You can try to use a cream containing vitamin K. Why?The fact that such a cream contribute to the resorption of blood clots, resulting in a hematoma is much faster.Buy a cream may be in the pharmacy, but before you buy, it is desirable to consult on this matter with the doctor.

Folk remedies

Now let's talk about the people's recipes, of which the Internet quite a lot.We're not sure that some of them really help, so enjoy these recipes, you can at your own risk.

  • should start, perhaps, with the most simple and well-known agents - iodine.It is recommended to apply on the affected area of ​​the skin mesh of iodine.Often it is desirable to do.As doctors say, this method is not effective in all cases, but some can really help.The only negative - you will not go out until the substance is completely absorbed into the skin.
  • Some craftsmen are advised to use toothpaste.It should take a little paste, dilute it with water and apply on the skin.And everything is nothing, but only on the skin can start an allergic reaction, causing hickey lost, and you have to go to a dermatologist.Therefore, we use this method is not recommended.
  • If the problem is caught you in a warm time of year, you may recall a method of early childhood - namely, to apply to the affected area plantain.It really helps, but does not forget to wash the plant.There is also another method - plantain to grind to a state of pulp, and then attach to the skin.In this case it operates more efficiently.
  • Around the same thing can be done with a cabbage leaf, preheated and soft (it even stretch your arms as possible).Applying sheet should be 30 minutes, no less.
  • can take the most ordinary potatoes.Apply half of the potatoes with the skin and wait for a while.You can also rub the plant, making it a mush.Suction resorption occurs at the expense of starch, which contains potatoes.
  • Now let's talk about a much more simple way.If you passionately "put" just a few minutes ago, you can do the following: Put a tablespoon in the refrigerator for a few minutes, let it cool, then apply to the bruise.This method will help reduce the swelling.
  • sure to try a massage on the damaged site, as it will help sucked blood stasis.Massage, incidentally, can be done not only with his hands, but also a hairbrush, however, very carefully, that would not get hurt.


Finally tell you about the most simple ways of masking, which often are suitable not only for women but also men.

  • First of all you can use the turtleneck with a high neck, which is especially important for the cold season.And throat sweaters should be high enough that would hickey was completely invisible.
  • Wrap a scarf on his neck.This method is good that the scarf can be worn not only in the icy time, but also in summer as a fashion accessory to your wardrobe.
  • Girls can use a concealer that is properly hide the bruise.However, if you believe the statistics, by this method, often resort and men.
  • Excellent helps a very ordinary plaster, since it is practically invisible on the skin.At patch there are several advantages: you can carry it for several days, and in addition, it can be a variety of sizes.
  • Finally, there are special temporary tattoos transferable.That's just how they will look on your body, the question is very interesting.In short, this method is designed for the amateur.

By the way, if you have your own recipes to address this issue, be sure to tell us about them in the comments