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Why can not I sleep in front of the mirror ?

What is a mirror?This smooth surface on which the reflected light or other radiation.The earliest mirrors belong to bronze age and create them from metals such as copper, silver or bronze.The modern history of reflecting surfaces began in the 13th century, when Europeans learned to blow various dishes made of glass.If we talk about the mirror, it described in 1279 by John Peckham, who came up with a cover glass surface of a small layer of lead.By the way, the process was very interesting - into the vessel through a tube flowed molten tin, which is evenly spread over the inside of the object on the surface.Once the whole composition is cooled, the vessel was broken into large pieces.Despite the fact that the fragments distorted image, they still remain clean, also did not go to any comparison with the same copper or silver.

A century later, the first mirror shop to open in Germany, and in the 15th century, the Venetians bought the patent from the Flemish to the production of mirrors and within one a

nd a half centuries were monopolists.By the way, the cost of the Venetian reflecting surfaces was extremely high - at the same price you could buy a small ship or house!Not surprisingly, they bought only royals, but very rich.

glassmaking secrets so strongly guarded that even masters moved to the island of Murano - ostensibly in order to avoid fires, but in fact a monopoly brought fabulous profits to the holders of the patent.Those masters who left the walls of his native country, had to go back, or to impose sanctions on their home.

In the middle of the 16th century French Queen was so fond of mirrors that spending on them a lot of money.The Minister of Finance knew that the gift of it to the treasury will not work, and therefore decided to bribe the four masters of Murano.Together with their families, they moved to France, where he began to produce their works of art.However, they were happy for long - with a small gap two main master die in time, take the remaining two attempts to return to Venice, and they do it.However, by the time the French are perfectly mastered all the achievements and in 1665 opened his first factory mirror, and then for their products prices began to rapidly decline.Moreover, with time plants began to open and in other countries.

is interesting that in the Middle Ages, many mirrors were destroyed, since the majority of religious organizations believe that on the other side of this subject lies the devil himself.But witches are not believed, so be sure to set your have a small mirror, and the day of his hidden from prying eyes and the sun, and at night the moon was allowed to absorb light.With this magic item you can not only direct damage but also to cast out bad spirits out of the house.

Currently, mirrors are used not only in interior design or cars, but also, for example, in scientific instruments: telescopes, cameras, lenses, lasers, and so on.

reasons on which it is impossible to sleep in front of the mirror

  • As we have mentioned above, our ancestors have seriously believed that in the other world lives the devil, who has the ability to go out at night.
  • Some mirror, according to a number of media, can even kill.How?They can accumulate a negative energy.Moreover, over the years they can see is not one death or misfortune, bringing all this negativity can be transmitted to people who look at the reflection.
  • Another view mirrors can take the soul of man - supposedly in a dream she has the ability to leave the body, and if accidentally gets in the mirror, then there will likely not choose, so a person dies in his sleep.
  • mirror surface can not only take away the power and energy, but even wear out people.To prevent this from happening, a long look in the reflection is not recommended, especially for young children and pregnant women, because of their protective functions of the body where weaker.
  • said that large mirrors brought into the house odds, do not give to sleep (insomnia cause) make tenants even irritable towards nothing.
  • If the door is reflected in a mirror, or bed, it leads to a doubling of the failure.If the couple is recognized, it can lead to changes.

Should I believe in all this?We can not respond to you - everyone decides for himself

What more can not be done with mirrors?

  • ancient legend says that the mirrors themselves can crack.In fact, it happens, although rarely.In our country, it is a legend according to which this turn of events could mean the death of someone from relatives.However, there is a second, more interesting theory.It states that the mirror cracks solely due to the fact that accumulates a very large number of negative emotions.If this happens, you need to carefully collect all the pieces of the mirror surface and throw them in the trash.It is desirable to pick up the pieces in a linen bag that nobody could get hurt.
  • Mirrors can not be present.Why?The answer is simple - the surface can absorb all negative energy.If a person who wants to make you a gift, angry and rude, then, according to legend, all this negativity will gradually be transferred to you.There is also a different opinion, with regards to a present - supposedly a gift from the mirror leads to a parting with a loved one, so the girls almost always refuse such a gift.
  • forbidden to hang a mirror opposite the entrance to the apartment.This is due to the fact that the house may lose all luck.It is believed that it comes in the house is through the front door.However, she can see herself in the mirror and think that luck has already moved into this house, so go away to look for another place.What would this do not happen, it is recommended to hang a mirror away from the door.
  • can not look in the mirror at night.According to ancient belief, that night in the mirror may open the door to another dimension, where the protagonists are the evil spirits.In this world there is a living person, but to get there he has not come out.In addition, in the mirror at night you can see the terrible things that will cause you to panic.In general, look at the reflection after midnight undesirable.
  • Check the condition of the mirror.Be sure to periodically clean it from dust, splashes and smudges.Why do it?It is believed that the dirt is able to distort the reflection, which in turn may affect the fate of a man who looks in the mirror.

Interesting facts about the mirrors

  • According to historians, the first mirror appeared a few thousand years ago.They were found on the territory of present-day Turkey and is a pieces of volcanic glass.However, to see anything in them is virtually impossible.
  • In the middle of the 15th century to the people who knew how to make mirrors, forbidden to leave the limits of the city.This was necessary in order to hide all of the data on the establishment of the mirror surface.Of course, there were masters who went to other cities or even countries, but almost always they had to return home because the authorities threatened their relatives and friends.
  • This belief about the broken mirrors, precursors of troubles, emerged relatively recently.It is not known where it went, but it was felt that a legend was born at the same time in several nations at once.Connected She was, apparently, with the wars and calamities, during which the first beat it was a mirror.
  • Warriors were a long time with a small mirror, thinking that they are able to reflect the death, thus protecting its owner.


If you want to buy a mirror, it certainly must be new, because only in this case it does not carry any negative.If the mirror has got you inherited from family members, it also should not be afraid to take, but only if it looked your relatives