August 24, 2016 23:11

How to pay for daycare.Kindergarten Online Payment

Pay kindergarten can be online - it will save you time and frustration.Now you do not have to stand in queue, including adequate computer and perform a few simple steps.

Pay kindergarten services available through "Sberbank Online".To do this, you must have a Sberbank card and connect to the specified service.You also need to know the CSC (budget classification code) and OKTMO code (National Classification of territories of municipalities).Know them better in the accounting of the kindergarten (in the Internet you can find inaccurate information).CSC is indicated in the previous receipt of payment (at the end, not with other details).

Go to the service "Sberbank Online", click on the tab "Payments and transfers".On the contrary the text "Payment for goods and services" should be your area.At the bottom right of the page is a picture of the receipt with the inscription "Do not found a suitable section ...".Click on it.The system asks you to enter VAT number and the recipient's account num
ber and bank identification code.Click "Continue".

In the "Payment Details" enter name of the institution and click "Continue".Then enter the amount of payment (commission will be 1%), and also click "Continue".Enter CSC, click "Continue".Next, you must specify the checkpoint OKTMO.Opposite the field "Purpose, name, address, etc. Details" write "Parent fee" month "20__.(Payments to the budget) ", next enter your name, address.Click "Continue".

Now specify the period for which payment is made, the date of payment (although this is not required for the field of payment).The system will show all the entries that need to be checked again.If necessary, the payment can be edited or canceled.If all information is correct, click "Validate by SMS" (or select a different verification method - password check).

After confirmation message appears that the operation was successful, and at the bottom of the page - the picture in the form of print with the word "Done".It is also possible to print check (it is desirable to show the staff of the kindergarten).

In addition, you can pay for kindergarten through Yandex.To do this, you have an e-wallet to be created, and it must be the money.Best of all, if the wallet is used for other purposes and received payments for it, because if you introduce money on it specifically, will be charged an additional fee.And for the payment of the commission is, in any case, 2% (not less than 30 p).So, come to Yandex.Money, click on the "Receipt".

new window will appear, it is also necessary to choose the "Receipts".In the form, enter all the required details of the beneficiary and the payer.Right useful information (such as how quickly the money will be credited to, the cost of services, etc.) will be shown.Then click "Continue", enter the payment password.At this point, you can print out a receipt.You can then use this template, changing it only the amount.

Now you will be able to pay for kindergarten at any time convenient for you, and it will take you a few minutes!