September 06, 2016 23:13

How to fill in the form on the passport .How to fill out a form for a new type of passport

At first glance, fill out a form to receive the passport of the new sample is easy.However, many saw an abundance of items form, are lost, and sometimes turn to an intermediary company, so that they have simplified their task for a certain amount.Here's how to fill out the form on the passport.

Required documents

since April 2013 entered into force new rules for obtaining the document in the Russian Federation, which allows to travel the world.Now you do not need to certify the form in the workplace.Similarly, should not certify and work record.To fill in the blank set of documents you'll need:

  • passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • existing passport;
  • if replacing the names, you will need a marriage certificate;
  • employment history.

Rules filling

Blank questionnaires filled in the biometric passport is not the case, as early sample passport.You should use only capital letters.Pay attention to what your painting should fit in a strictly specified box.Leaving behind it

s borders is unacceptable, otherwise your documents will not be accepted!

form for the passport of the new sample on our website.

form for a new passport obraztsa_primer fill here.

3 Instructions for completing

form filled out a questionnaire in accordance with the instructions:

  • In the first step you need to enter your full name.
  • Next - Fill the floor.Put a tick in the right place.
  • The third paragraph indicates the date of your birth.
  • paragraph №4 necessary to accurately enter your place of birth on the passport.
  • In the fifth paragraph the checkbox according to whether your name has changed.If your answer is "Yes", then you need to specify the maiden name and the date of the change and the change of the place (city) in certain columns.
  • In the sixth paragraph need to enter the address of the residence and the date of its registration.It does not matter where you live right now.It happens that in the passport there is no data on registration, then this box on the form should be left blank.
  • seventh point it will be important to fill those registered in the same region, and intends to obtain a passport in another.If you have a temporary registration in the village, check the appropriate box and specify the registration period.
  • In the eighth and ninth paragraphs you will need to indicate your phone numbers and email addresses.
  • In the tenth paragraph should be very careful to enter passport information in the appropriate boxes.

Completing the admission

These data focus on the eleventh and twelfth paragraphs of the form.So, you need to be honest to specify, execute Does your admission form.If so, what form it and who made out.Do not hide this information, your data will be cross-checked, and if it turns out that you lied, you may have problems, and you will not give your passport.In paragraph №12, specify whether you have any contractual obligations to the organizations, in connection with your access to classified information or state secrets.If so, you can not see the passport until the expire of the contract term.

Filling graphs of employment

data about your work shall be made on the form overleaf.By law, you need to make information last 10 years.In these years, on and study, and work.If you were in prison - it is also necessary to point out here.If you're not officially working for over a month, mark under the column "time not worked (a)."All positions in the same place of work are listed, separated by commas.

After filling out the form to receive biometric passport you have to submit the document in a special service.By the way, the signature of the applicant puts in the appropriate column of the questionnaire only if the employee FMS.