September 06, 2016 23:13

How to make a passport without registration .The procedure for registration of passport without registration

You are in a strange city, but the urgent need to make a passport?It's not a problem.To date, the Russian law allows to perform this operation without registration at the place of stay, but only if there is a specific set of documents, according to a certain order.Let's consider in more detail how this happens.

Legal requirements

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Instruction "On the procedure for processing and issuing passports for exit and entry into the Russian Federation" (as amended), citizens have the right to receive the document at the place of temporary residence.However, in this case, the term of consideration of treatment increases up to 4 months.The procedure for processing of the application and issuance of the document for all other cases listed in the table below.

At the legislative level, put forward the following requirements for passports:

  1. presence of permanent or temporary residence in Russia.In addition, you need to be in possession of an identity document (
    passport, birth certificate).
  2. For men, who have not reached 27 years of age, it is obligatory to provide military ID.For those who did not serve in the army, it required ascribed document, complete with a certificate from the recruiting office.
  3. For those who have served their term in the executive of the colony should have a document about the end of the case or the verdict.

«Under the ban»

In addition, there is a certain category of persons who are not entitled to issue a passport and leave the territory of the Russian Federation.These include:

  • federal officials and employees who have a "high level" of information (state secrets);
  • citizens under investigation or convicted of serious crimes;
  • persons who "hide" from the law and public duties (for example, do not pay tax).

If you do not agree with any of these requirements, there is always the possibility to challenge this decision in court.

Where and what contact

So, if you need a passport, and you do not fall under one of the "exclusion categories", mentioned above, in this case, you need to go to the nearest passport office.And the officers of the relevant authorities should immediately make clear that you do not have registration at the place of treatment.According to Russian law, this can not serve as a reason for refusing to issue the document.

For passport prepare in advance:

  • application form in 2 copies (you can fill it out at home or on-site);
  • special form for the issuance of a document certified at the place of work or study;
  • national passport (original and copy);
  • birth certificate (for children up to 14 years);
  • military card or a certificate from the recruiting office (if necessary);
  • 4 color photos "35 to 45 mm";
  • old passport (in case of replacement);
  • certified scan-copy of the work book;
  • receipt for payment of state duty.

These documents are available at the territorial office of the FMS.It offers 2 variants of registration - old passport or a new sample.The difference between them - is the size of duties and its validity.Standard document is issued for 5 years, cost 2,000 rubles.A passport with advanced technology and an electronic chip will cost 1.5 times more expensive, but for a period of 10 years.In addition, the requirements for registration of the second option more complicated.For more information on the new generation of the passport can be found on the website of the FMS.

Download our portal:

  • sample application for the issuance of the passport document of a standard sample (for people over 18 years);
  • sample application for the grant of a standard sample of the passport document (for people under 18 years old);
  • sample questionnaire on employment for the design of the passport document;
  • sample questionnaire on personal data;
  • sample application for issuance of the passport document with an electronic carrier (for citizens over 18 years of age);
  • sample application for issuance of the passport document with an electronic carrier (for persons under 18 years of age);
  • completed sample application for issuance of the passport document with an electronic carrier (for adults);
  • completed sample application for issuance of the passport document with an electronic carrier (for minors);
  • Filled sample receipt for payment of fees;
  • Example passport document with an electronic chip (new generation).

Remote clearance

Definitely, alternative delivery of the above documents to the FMS is the portal of public services.Thus, you save your time and staff time designated authority.Please log on the website and through the quick search menu, find the section.Check out the information portal and click on the button "Get the service."The term of consideration of your application, in this case - 30 days, as in the standard submission of documents to the FMS.

presence registration is not mandatory criterion for obtaining the passport.Therefore, using the tips of the article, you can feel free to contact the Office of the migration service at the place of your stay.