September 07, 2016 23:12

How to change the passport.Replacement of the passport .Find out in which cases you can change the data in the passport , how it can be done .

Each person to reach fourteen years of age should get a national passport.Furthermore, the document change twice more: 20 to 45 years.More needs to be replaced, when a girl gets married and sex change.If the person in the passport made a mistake, that is,are incorrect name, address or date of birth, identity document also needs to be replaced, just changed (corrected) in the passport can not write.

Which institution change passports

civil Change document is permitted in the FMS-setting body place of residence at the address where you have a temporary housing or in a place of the finding at the moment.FMS can be visited in person or fill out a request through the official portal.If a person lives in a boarding school, an orphanage, or even in some social housing, it is possible to change the passport officials of the institution by proxy.

documentation for registration of your passport

To implement the replacement data in the passport, you will need to collect a package of securities.W

ithout them, the service worker will not accept your application.Therefore, to not go in vain, and not to stand in large queues several times, just bring along:

  • Birth certificates of your children and your;
  • passport;
  • Personal photos 35 to 45 (two);
  • Acts confirming your place of residence;
  • marriage certificate or divorce;
  • Military ID;
  • Cheque payment of public services;
  • and other official documents that are required for affixing appropriate markings in the new civilian passport.

state duty

For new passport will have to pay a hundred rubles if he had come into disrepair - the 500 rubles.When the person asked the Federal Migration Service at the wrong time (more than a month), then it will have to pay more and a fine of up to 5,000 rubles.Orphans services should be provided free of charge.

How to make an application form

in the form of write 1P blue handle their passport data without errors.Specify that you want to change (name, number, month of birth) in the new passport.Below: the reason why you do it and on the basis of some documents.At the end of Sight form, date.

right here on our site download:

  • General guidelines for completing Form 1P;
  • form-application form 1P;
  • Filling F. 1H - petition on change of name after marriage;
  • model form number 15 on the change of name;
  • example completed form to the name change.

Dates of issue

passport make out comparatively long time: ten days, if a person has applied for and provided all the documentation to the migration department of the place of residence.And two months if the lost identity document or not addressed in its territorial FMS station.After serving the MS have to check all the information about you and make inquiries in other districts.Sometimes it needs the approval of the Chief of Unit established standards can be reduced.

As you can see, pretty troublesome for a long time to change an entry in the passport of the fact that you have to gather a lot of papers.However, this was not the end, after the replacement of the document will have to change and rest, so stock up patience and free time.