October 01, 2016 23:09

How to fill in a payment order for the transport tax .Step by step instructions for completing the payment order to the transport tax.Rules and methods of filling in the payment order to the transport tax.

vehicle owners every year have to submit a declaration under the transport tax and pay the required amount.You will be able to carry out this procedure much easier and faster if you resort to the help of the latest technologies.

Under current legislation, the declaration on transport tax shall be submitted no later than the first day of February each year.If this day falls on a holiday, you must submit a declaration on the next working day.Paying taxes and filing the declaration is to produce at the place of registration of the vehicle.The terms and procedures for the submission of that document established in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.If possible, check out this collection of laws.

There are several ways of filling in the payment order.You can fill it yourself by hand, have recourse to a bank adviser, use different accounting software or take advantage of the system "Client-Bank".The last option is the most popular because it allows immediately send the completed document.I
f you are going to fill in a declaration for the first time, use the services of a consultant in the bank.He will tell you how to correctly fill in the fields and in the future, you can choose a more convenient way of filling.

you can resort to the help of several reference books, which are annexes to the "Instructions on how to complete a tax return on property status and income."Appendix №1 indicates the codes to determine the tax period.Annex №3 there declaration codes for the transport tax.

Appendix №4 help determine how a tax return by vehicle to the tax authority.Appendix №5 contains codes kinds of vehicles.Be sure to check out the first 7 applications - they will be very useful for you.You can find them in electronic form.

If you want to fill in the document, carefully make details of the beneficiary and the amount of money.The exact details you will be able to clarify the tax office.Also, you will discover yourself on their website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation - method is the most convenient.You can simply copy the code and avoid errors when filling out the payment order.

The tax rate depends on the data that are in the data sheet and a certificate of state registration of your vehicle.If you have any tax benefits, be sure to take this into account in determining the amount required to be paid.

When you know the exact details and the amount of payment, visit the "Bank-Client" and select the option to create a payment order.Please fill in the "Payment".In this case - it is the transport tax.Also specify the period for which you want to transfer the amount.Then enter the payment amount and details.Be sure to check the correctness of the data entered.After that, fill in the fields in which you must specify the details regarding the taxpayer, using the above application.

Once again carefully check the details and filling, assure the created document digital signature and send it to the bank for consideration.

Thus, fill the payment order on their own is not too difficult.At first, you may have questions and difficulties, but you quickly deal with them and will continue to fill in the document very quickly.