October 01, 2016 23:09

How to fill in a declaration for the tax rebate .Step by step procedure for completing the declaration of income tax refunds .In this article let's talk about completing the declaration for income tax refunds .

Every citizen is entitled to a deduction of income tax.In some cases, the state is obligated to return an individual a certain amount of money.To do this, you must submit a declaration to the tax office №3-PIT.

You have the right not to pay taxes, if the acquired real estate, engaged in charity, paid for training or to buy expensive medicines.In this case, you will not have to pay a monthly tax, while it does not cover the cost of money spent (up to a certain amount).Carefully read the tax code and understand all the details and make sure you put a tax deduction.You should stay the proof of money spent.

Ask the employer to give you a reference number 2 on the personal income tax for the previous year income.Prepare a package of required documents: passport, receipts and checks, the real estate purchase contract with the medical organization of the contract and other documents that can confirm the debit.If you bought the property, in addition to these funds, you will need to provide the a
ct of reception and transmission, the loan agreement and certificate of interest paid and a document on the state registration of property.Do not forget to make copies of all documents.

Then contact the tax office at your place of residence.You will be given a declaration form form № 3-PIT.The stands are available examples that will help you to fill in the declaration.But you can significantly simplify this procedure.If you have a computer and internet, you can fill in a declaration in electronic form, print it out and give it to the tax authority, together with a standard package of documents.

to fill in the declaration on the Internet, you should visit the official website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation - site is free to download the program, which is called the "Declaration."Open it on your computer.You will see a tab called "Setting the conditions."Fill in each row.The program is good because each box contains tips and examples to fill it.

Then click on the tab "Revenues in the Russian Federation."Take a calculator and its earnings statement.Summarize monthly income on an accrual basis.Enter data for the year and provide sources of income.Click the "Deductions" and fill it out.Next, click on the button with a red flag.On the next page you will see the string "Provide social tax deductions."Before it is necessary to check the box.

few clarifications.If you arrange a tax deduction in connection with the acquisition of property in the tab "Deductions" you need to select the button with the picture of housing.On the next page, fill in all the fields and check the box in front of the line "To provide for the construction of a property deduction."tab "Check" is located in the upper line of the program.Click on it.If you make a mistake filling, the program will ask you to fix it and give a hint.Click on the tab "View".You will see all the blanks filled in the declaration.Print them out by clicking on "Print".

Filling declaration for the tax exemption is a very simple matter.Much more difficult to collect and prepare the necessary documents.If you have internet access, you can fill in a declaration properly and without haste.Will only print it out and take the tax office.