October 01, 2016 23:09

As personal income tax to compensate for tuition .How to get a tax deduction for tuition .In this article we will talk about who is entitled to a tax deduction for tuition and in what amount .

If you have a steady source of income from which taxes are deducted to the state budget, and you paid studies in the official educational institution, then you have a right to a refund (tax deduction) up to 13%.Consider how this can be done.

Determine the conditions.If you want to return the personal income tax specifically for their own learning, the restrictions in respect of its form is not.That is, you can return the part of the consideration paid in the case of full-time and part-time and evening, and every other.This may be higher or specialized secondary education, driving school, or any other courses.If you want to return the money spent on the child's tuition fees (brother or sister), there are already restrictions in the form of study (full-time only) and at the age of the student (under 24 years).In addition, all documents for payment must be made on you (contract, payment orders).

expect a tax deduction.Regardless of the amount you spend on their studies, more than 15 600 rub
les will not be returned.This amount - 13% of the officially established maximum amount of the deduction, which is 120 000 rubles.In the case of payment of child study (brother, sister) the maximum amount of deduction of the other - 50 000 rubles.per child (brother, sister), so to return you will receive no more than 6 500 rubles.respectively for each.

Please note that to receive such compensation can be no earlier than next year after the actual tuition.For example, the return of the money paid for his studies in 2013, you will not be before 2014.

Now collect the documents, which necessarily include: completing the declaration (3-PIT), the contract with the educational institution where you paid training, as well as all the bills of its actual payment, the information onyour official income (2-PIT).And go with them to the tax office.

procedure for consideration of your documents and the organization of such payments takes from 2 to 4 months.

Also remember that the possibility of a return of the money spent on training, maintained for 3 years from the date of payment of study.For example, if you have studied at the university from 2009 to 2013 and did not use this right, then in 2014 you have the opportunity to receive a tax deduction for the 2011-2013 study.Therefore it is better to use this feature immediately.