October 02, 2016 23:00

How do I find tax liability of individuals .How to calculate the amount of debts on VAT

The role of the taxpayer performs every citizen who is a resident of the Russian Federation or a resident of the Russian Federation, engaged in any economic activity in the territory of the Russian Federation.Rights and obligations for payment of taxes established by an official legislation of the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

There are situations where a taxpayer is late in paying their taxes, then the amount of tax to begin to accrue interest.In order to clarify what is the amount of debt, you need to arm themselves with a computer and Internet access.Tax Service of Russia for promptly informing taxpayers about existing taxes in 2009 set up a special information website, on the page is online, you can view the existing debt, as well as to prepare a receipt for payment.

personal taxpayer's office is located at - https: // / debt / the link, you can get full information on how to identify existing debt.To open the "Personal account of the taxpa
yer", you must go to the district department of the Federal Tax Service, where you on the basis of existing INN provide "registration card".The resulting map will contain the information needed to log in to a personal account.

Once in the "My Account", you can see which types of taxes require immediate payment, as well as from the existing tax registry form payment receipt, from which at any bank can make a payment or use aspayment online banking.After repayment of the debt after a certain time (an average of one week) Information about the tax payment will be visible in your office.

This service not only helps in the recovery of the Federal Tax Service of all types of debts, as well as regular payment of the taxes, but also simplifies the tax payment procedure for the taxpayers themselves, which is not necessary to stand in long lines in the Federal Tax Service for information on existing debt.