How to pay taxes.How to pay taxes

reasons for evasion of timely payment of taxes to the state can be set.A small packet of tax notices and receipts considerably increased in size, which means it's time to extinguish the debt, without waiting for court proceedings.

Having the receipt with the details and the necessary amount of money for payment of the tax, go to the bank to make a payment.In this process, there are a number of advantages - the payment of taxes through the bank is not subject to commissions.

If you own sberbankovskoy card, then make a payment through the Savings Bank information and payment terminal.Insert the card into the receiver and locate the "Payments in our region" in the main menu.Then follow the instructions of the terminal.Advance notice, well I view the numbers on the payment receipt and bar code with which you can also make payments.

not having the credit card, cash on delivery perform.But there is a small caveat - make better use of small bills.Sometimes in the terminal simply does not happen and the date it is impossible to perform a payment transaction.It is impossible to make a payment due to the difficulties in the development of the terminal or payment orders too - ask for help to a specialist audience.They do not have the right to refuse you in this moment.

I do not want to spend time in queues financial institutions and spend free time in search of free payment ATMs - use the online bank.These Internet services are used in virtually every major financial and credit institutions.

is also possible to make a payment to the state through the official website of the Federal Tax Service by non-cash payment.Go to the page of Internet service "Payment of taxes of natural persons", having studied all relevant information, perform the transfer of funds.The last way to tax debt is not simple, but if you've used previous data online service to view their taxes, and you will be able to master this step.

Timely payment of taxes helps avoid the offenses for which the natural way should not only fiscal and administrative responsibility, but also criminal.