October 02, 2016 23:00

How to return a tax for the construction of the house .What you need to return the tax for the construction of housing

If you have started construction or have purchased an unfinished house, the current legislation today allows you to return paid income tax of 13%.This so-called property tax deduction.The service is one-time and can be made out only after the official registration of property rights.Consider the procedure and conditions for registration of this deduction.

To issue a tax deduction, the value of your home should not exceed 2 million rubles.You must have Russian citizenship, permanent income, which is deducted from the tax to the budget.If you have used the target mortgage, then it should be used for other purposes, and interest on it - paid.

To do this you will need to provide materials on the project documentation costs for construction and finishing works, connecting utilities or independent power arrangement.

Also in the package include a certificate of ownership of the house, a contract of sale, your passport and a certificate of 2-PIT, or documents on other types of income.

If you are going to return part of the money on a mortgage, then you need to add the relevant contract, as well as a certificate from the bank on paid thereon percentage and the repayment schedule.

Fill out the declaration for the year according to the approved form (3-PIT), specifying in it all your income and expenses, which will be the basis for the tax deduction.

With this package of documents and the application for a refund of income tax applying the tax office at the place of residence.In a statement, be sure to specify at what the current account must be made refund.

7 If you want to return the funds as a whole, then your application will be processed within 3 months, and the payment itself can be delayed and longer.If you are satisfied with the tax refund for the part, then a notification you can get in a month after the submission of the application.

Given that the return paid taxes during the construction of the house only for three years from the date of their payment, with the design of this procedure is better not to delay.