October 02, 2016 23:00

How to reduce the income tax.Tips to reduce the income tax.In some cases, you can reduce the income tax ?Ways to reduce taxes.

On the basis of the tax return, all individuals are taxed.At the moment it is 13% and is payable on a 3-PIT.Few people know, but in some cases it is possible to reduce the amount of the annual income tax.

To begin, calculate the value of a standard tax deduction.If your monthly income does not exceed 40,000 rubles, you have every right to deduct from the monthly obligatory payment of 400 rubles.

You can also deduct from the required monthly tax of 300 rubles, provided that you have suffered from radiation exposure are disabled or handicapped soldiers of WWII.Notify the tax office about your merits or notify about this the personnel department.For a single parent tax is reduced to 600 rubles, and for the usual - at 300. In addition, all citizens who belong to the privileged category, are entitled to deduct from the required monthly fee of 500 rubles.

If you are a charity, you also may qualify for a reduction of income tax.This category includes all kinds of donations to churches,
hospitals, orphans, etc.

If you have purchased real estate in the amount of not more than 1,000,000 rubles, it is free from taxes.Each month, instead of deducting money, you will receive an allowance of 13%, until you return the money spent.Note that you can use this service only once, so if you buy cheap Khrushchev does not make sense to use its right, but to decide, of course, you.Come to the tax office at the place of your residence with the documents confirming the purchase of housing.

If the contract for the purchase of real estate includes several owners, deductions shall be distributed among them in proportion.You can negotiate with each other.If it is a close relative spread between the amount that will suit both of you.Someone might get a larger piece, someone - less.To prevent future misunderstandings, it is recommended to seal an agreement notarial seal.Note that you do not get a discount if you have issued housing for a child, bought it from a friend, relative, or in connection with a business.

If you have spent on the treatment itself or relatives about 38,000 rubles, this amount will not be deducted from future taxes.As in the case of the housing, every month would you pay to add 13% of this amount.Will take into account the operation, the acquired medicines made procedures, etc.The main thing - to have documentary evidence.So try to keep receipts, a copy of the Russian medical organization license, a copy of the contract for the provision of services, etc.Births in the paid facility are also included in this category.

If you study on a paid department of the university, you can claim a refund of 38,000 rubles.This rule also applies to your children, if they are taught at school or college.In this family children should not be more than 24 years, and the receiver - no more than 18. You also have to prepare the documentary evidence in the form of checks and documents.Try to collect all the evidence, in fact would be a shame if you refuse to reduce the income tax due to the absence of one of the lost check.

If you have just learned about the possibility of reducing the income tax, but I think that time is lost - you know, it's not.You can apply for a refund of overpaid tax within three years from the date of treatment, education, etc.