October 02, 2016 23:00

How to write a letter to the tax office .How to write a complaint to the tax office

right to express their dissatisfaction in relation to any organization or send a proposal for any matter relating to the recipient, is enshrined in the Federal Law "On the procedure of appeals of citizens of Russia."It is no exception and the Federal Tax Service (FTS) and its regional offices.

To file a complaint or appeal to the tax office, armed with a computer and printer with paper.The letter can be sent in several ways: first, through a printed version of the Russian Post (preferably with a return receipt requested);secondly, a printed version of himself in the hands of the Federal Tax Service Administration (make 2 copies, one of which FTS providers should confirm the acceptance letter);Third, send an email using an online form to apply for the official website of the Federal Tax Service.

letter should be issued according to the rules of business correspondence.If a letter is sent by a natural person, it is necessary to write in the header of the sheet in order to whom this lette
r is addressed, and by whom it is, and at the end of the letter put the date and signature.If the complaint or suggestion received from a legal entity, it shall be issued on the letterhead of the organization, and at the end of the letter standing date, signature and seal of the head of the organization.

The letter should be as much a reality.If the complaint is addressed to the misconduct of an authorized person, it is necessary to specify the contact details, position and place of work.The letter itself should be sent to the District Tax Service management where the incident occurred, or if this is a general question, directly with the IRS.Addresses of regional offices and the central tax office can be found through search engines the Internet or at the post office, where going to send a letter.

Federal Law "On the order of citizens of the Russian Federation» contains all regulations filing appeals and providing responses to them.And so, guided by the law, every call, regardless of the contents and the sender receives an incoming number that is absolutely necessary to provide an answer in writing.