October 02, 2016 23:00

How to fill in the title page of the book of income and expenditure .Proper filling of the cover sheet

Each individual entrepreneur has to conduct a "revenue and expenditure account of the Book."This book definitely will request a tax inspector when it comes time to test your regular activities.The same book, and shall keep the company operating under the simplified system of taxation.Cover sheet - a "face" of the book, so it must be filled correctly.

1 At the top of the title page, just below the title of the book, there is a line where you want to make a year of accounting of income and expenses.Below the line, which indicates the year, is two lines, that are subject to the entrepreneur name or company name.Under the name of the company or the name of an entrepreneur, there are two lines in the form of cells in which to make the enterprise or PPC, or INN entrepreneur.Fill only those cells that are destined for a particular user book.Then fill "Object of Taxation" line and "Unit".

On the line below to write the exact e-mail address entrepreneur or legal address of residence.After the addre
ss is a string where you want to make current account number (dvadtsatiznachnoe number) and the name of the bank where the account is opened.If the accounts are opened in several banks, you should write them all.To do this on the front page, there are three lines.

last thing you want to reflect on the title page of the "Book of income and expense" - is a notification about the number that you are working on a simplified taxation system.You must also enter the number when the notice has been issued to you.

very bottom line, which must be specified "tax authority official," you do not need to fill.There will put his name tax inspector who will certify your book.

If you correctly fill in the title page "Book of income and expenditure", the tax inspector will know that before him a very competent entrepreneur.To win in such a way representative of Themis, you will continue to be easier to work with him.