September 01, 2016 23:11

Growing oyster mushrooms at home.The technology of growing oyster mushrooms .Detailed instructions how to grow oyster mushrooms at home

Already few people surprised by the cultivation of tomato, cabbage, parsley.Whether business growing mushrooms at home.But this is not difficult, but you will always be assured of clean and environmentally friendly product.To grow oyster mushrooms can be anywhere: in the basement, greenhouse, garage, even in the garden.

What we need for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms

  • substrate.
  • mycelium.
  • Plastic bags or bags.
  • thermometer.
  • hygrometer.

Mycelium sold in specialized online stores.From a kilogram of mycelium is able to collect up to 3-4 kg of oyster mushrooms.

substrate preparation for cultivation of oyster

Properly selected and prepared substrate is very important for a rich harvest of tasty oyster.As the substrate is best to use dry straw.This can be:

  • wheat straw,
  • barley straw,
  • sunflower husk,
  • buckwheat hulls,
  • stalks and ears of corn.

Number of straw expect out of proportion 10 kg 400 g of substrate mycelium.Now the prepared raw material is ground into pieces 1-4

cm in length.

Crushed raw material carries a lot of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.To clean the straw, we laid her in a large metal container and boil in water for 1-2 hours.

At the end of cooking all of the water from the tank pour, but the chaff he leave to cool.Once it reached room temperature, start packaging of packets.

Available in packages for growing oyster mushrooms

for growing oyster mushrooms suitable containers of any size.It can be as small packages, and the whole bag.The main thing is to make you store them.New packages can immediately fill the substrate, and used must first be disinfected.For this purpose, we soaked them for 2 hours a solution of bleach.We work only with gloves.

now beginning to take shape and the substrate mycelium in bags.The first fall asleep substrate ball, 5-6 cm thick, on top of -. The ball mycelium 0.5 cm so alternate layers to the top of the package.Newest laid substrate ball.Pack tightly tying.

Ready mushroom blocks are placed in a clean room where the ambient temperature should be 18-23 ° C.Several times a day, this place is ventilated and carefully observe the temperature units.If it rises above 30 ° C, all the mycelium dies.In order to cool the packages, direct the fan directly to them.

After 3 days doing perforation.To do this, wipe the blade with alcohol and make slits in the bag staggered every 15 cm.

After about 10-15 days the mycelium will grow on a package, and the room is pleasant whiff of mushrooms.

Care mycelium oyster

After the incubation period, the fun begins - the emergence of fungi.At this stage it is important to create an environment as close to nature:

  • air temperature 10-15 ° C,
  • high humidity,
  • mycelium lighting for 8 hours a day,
  • airing mycelium is not less than 4 times.

To increase humidity spray the ceiling and walls.It is impossible to hit the water on the surface of the substrate.

harvest oyster

If the conditions are suitable, then after 10-15 days through the slots in the packets will be mushrooms.They grow quickly, especially at the end of ripening.That's when their best to collect.Removing oyster simple twisting them out of the package.

Once gathered the first harvest, the mycelium should be thoroughly aired.And after 2 weeks waiting for the next wave.Total will be able to harvest 4 times.

substrate of the package can be reused to fertilize the beds in the country.

Grow Oyster just the inexpensive and a bit of desire and diligence, and you will become an experienced mushroom growers.As a result, you will spoil your family tasty and healthy mushroom dishes.