September 16, 2016 23:03

How to make a pier foundation .Pier foundation with his own hands

most cost-effective and low-cost basis, which would be the ideal solution for lightweight structures is columnar.Compared with monolithic reinforced concrete foundation of his improvement will cost 2 times cheaper.The foundation can be built on any terrain except heaving soils.This waterproofing and preparatory work is minimized.Each developer can build a pier foundation with his own hands, if it is to comply with building technology.

Types columnar foundation

pier foundation is being built under the buildings with lightweight walls, which rank as such frame structures, sheds and a workshop;outbuildings, saunas, gazebos and terraces;Built up 2 floors.There are such kinds of columnar foundations: monolithic, stone (built of natural stone), from butoh, limestone, brick, rubble concrete.

Calculation columnar foundation

The calculation of the foundation should be taken into account parameters such as the weight of the house, type of construction and the material used.Also, you have to det

ermine the depth of laying the foundation:

  1. For melkozaglublennogo pier foundation, the figure is 40-70 cm The design is suitable for construction in areas where the water table is low, with rocky, sandy soil or krupnooblomistym..
  2. For recessed criterion is chosen depending on the depth of soil freezing -. Less than 0.3-0.5 m Optimum depth of the pier foundation in this case will be 2 m Suitable for clay saturated soil..

the purpose of load balancing poles linked structure, which is called grillage.


practical and inexpensive material that is perfect for the construction pier foundation is reinforced concrete.First, we will deal with the site preparation work by cleaning it.Removed upper layer of soil about 30 cm thick, and the present plant.Welcomes the holding of gravel-sand bedding.In the presence of irregularities flatten them.If there are holes, the backfill soil there.Once you can do the layout under the base, using the pegs and ropes, and adhering to the foundation plan.

Preparation pits

pits can be dug by hand or through the application of an excavator.Groove should be placed along the axes.The depth of the holes make up to 30 cm more than the figure you got in the calculation, for arranging gravel-sand bedding and wide to dig a hole slightly larger to accommodate the formwork and spacers.At a depth of more than 1 m it is not necessary to strengthen its walls, but dig with slopes, and need fixing, made of planks, with the presence of the spacers.After the formwork must be installed using the planed boards whose thickness is not greater than 40 mm, and width - 150 mm.Besides wood, suitable materials such as chipboard, metal sheets and water-resistant plywood.

Installation foundation

construction pier foundation procedure carried out in accordance with the instructions:

  • foundation must necessarily be reinforced in the longitudinal direction.For this purpose, A3 rods which have a diameter of 12-14 mm.
  • Place jumpers, keeping the distance between them, reaching 20 cm. For further binding posts with grillage bars should rise above the foundation, an optimum height is 10-15 cm.
  • Set in the pit of the pipe, which then remain in the land, and where willdirectly poured concrete.
  • poured concrete layer by layer, the thickness of 20-30 cm. To make it easier, use a hand-vibrator.
  • To protect the foundation from moisture should undertake waterproofing.This can be used cold or hot mastic okleechnuyu membrane roofing material.

Create grillage

To achieve greater rigidity and stability do grillage.In the construction of bridges should be securely connect belts using cutting reinforcing rods.They are welded by welding, creating a hinge assembly.After this, you should install the formwork and reinforcement of concrete structures Gulf later.Suitable brand M200.After hardening of the concrete and the acquisition of strength should be held to fill the sinuses and waterproofing pits using a primer.

space, which remains under the house from precipitation and infiltration of cold air is protected by wall mounting Zabirko between the posts, which is necessary to make holes for the supply of communications.