August 27, 2016 23:10

How to buy a house in Finland .Buying a home in Finland

are increasingly becoming so that to buy a house abroad is much easier and cheaper than in modern Russia.For one of these countries include Finland.Property in Finland will allow you to enjoy not only the European dimension of life, into the world of beautiful nature and unforgettable landscapes, but also give the opportunity to obtain a multiple Schengen visa.A short distance between the two countries will allow property owners to get from one residence to another by any mode of transport.

To purchase houses in Finland, contact a real estate agency that has a special license.Conclude an agreement with the agency, which list the all the basic requirements for the object of the transaction.The real estate market in Finland a new apartment purchase process differs from the acquisition of secondary residences.

Require the seller new apartment complete information not only about the apartment itself, but also about all the services provided in the area.Seller apartment in an old house you mu
st provide complete information about the flaws in its equipment, facilities and state of the apartment.Be sure to carefully inspect the object of the deal before entering into a contract to purchase.

To prevent the possibility of selling the house to another buyer - seller give a deposit.The amount of the deposit in Finland We establish in the amount of 4% of the total cost of purchased housing.If you decide to withdraw from the transaction, the amount will not be back to your account.Almost all financial transactions in the country are carried out through the bank.To open an account in a convenient your local bank branch, provide the passport officer of the bank and write the corresponding application.After opening an account make sure his condition.In the case of education it minus the balance you can get a fine.

If your personal assets is enough for the purchase of housing - a contract for.Sign the treaty only in the presence of a notary.For providing this service, the notary will cost about 100 euros.On the registration of the transaction will take approximately two weeks.After this period, pay the land tax and take all the documents in the Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, which is finally register your deal.

If your personal money is not enough for the acquisition of the house - make the mortgage.To formalize it, give the bank an income statement, a preliminary contract for the purchase of dwellings, and a passport.A prerequisite for the registration of mortgages in Finland is the size of your earnings - it should exceed the amount of the payment in the double size.Mortgages can be issued for an amount not exceeding 70% of the total value of the house, the remaining 30% should be on your bank loan term of 15 to 30 years, annual interest rate - 4-8%.

By following these simple rules, you can quickly and easily buy a charming house in Finland and get the true pleasure of living in one of the most scenic places in Europe.