August 27, 2016 23:10

How to buy an apartment in Bulgaria .For information on how to buy an apartment in Bulgaria

Buy an apartment in Bulgaria can be any individual, even if he is not a citizen of the European Union.A comfortable climate for living, low crime rate, the existence of resorts suitable for summer and winter holidays, and the lack of a language barrier makes it attractive to purchase real estate in this country.Read in this story about what steps need to be taken for the purchase.

Selecting apartments in Bulgaria is best carried out after a little research, based on the following parameters:
  • budget.How much are you willing to spend?Note that in addition to the purchase costs you have to incur the overhead of paperwork.
  • Mortgage bank.Will you buy an apartment of their own funds or using credit?Initial payment must be at least 30%.
  • buying Purpose: temporary or permanent residence, renting.
  • important to you such criteria as infrastructure, internet access, views, landmarks?
  • In Bulgaria there is a mountain and beach resorts.Decide what you prefer.

To find a suitable option, you can u
se the apartment Bulgarian sites for buying and selling real estate, or to contact the real estate agency.The second option is for those who do not want to waste their time on an independent selection.But such services have to pay a commission.

you can buy property in Bulgaria without having to travel to the object, but experts recommend do it only if you know the seller and trust him personally.In all other cases it is better personally inspect the property.

For a trip to Bulgaria, and checking the object of the transaction, you will need:
  • apply for a visa.This can be done by contacting the Embassy of Bulgaria, or through a travel agency.
  • Decide on travel dates, based on the number of meetings with vendors.Book your air tickets.
  • Think option of cash transfer.This can be translated to the account in a Bulgarian bank.
  • If you take out a mortgage, prepare a set of documents.
  • connect international roaming and ensure that funds are available to the mobile phone bill.

After selecting the property, he has to be agreed with the bank, if you get it to the mortgage.Real estate company will make you a preliminary agreement under which you pay a deposit to the seller.

Seller shall prepare the documents for the registration of the transaction.At this time you sign documents with the bank.After that is a contract of sale, which is signed by a notary.Notary commission is 5% of the transaction amount.If the purchase is carried out without the involvement of credit, the date of the transaction you translate the rest of the amount to the seller.In the case of mortgage money will be transferred to the bank after the registration of the pledge agreement.

After the transaction you will need to register the property in the tax office and sign your name on a contract with the utility service.The BULSTAT upon the registration you will be given a tax number.If a deal is made with a mortgage, the collateral agreement is registered by a notary and then established an encumbrance on the property.These documents shall be submitted to the bank.You will be given hands on the payment schedule.

Experts recommend buying a ready housing and not to invest money in construction projects.In addition to mortgages, some vendors offer for sale on the installment plan.The apartment in Bulgaria you can buy with a minimum trim and with a full set of furniture.