August 27, 2016 23:10

How to buy an apartment in Prague .Features of the acquisition of property in the Czech Republic

With growing prosperity, people often begin to think about profitable investment.Traditionally, the leader in this field with the real estate market.Every year Russian citizens to invest in the purchase of apartments and houses abroad the means for the purpose of earning or receiving benefits for change of nationality.Increasingly, they are interested in starting to question how to buy an apartment in Prague, which is a Mecca for pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

In the Czech Republic the commission paid by the seller of Real Estate Agencies.It makes it about 3% and is included in the cost of housing.You should immediately find a real estate agency with a good reputation and trust them to conduct the transaction, so you do not incur any costs, and if you buy an apartment without a broker, the seller simply leave 3% currently.

to start a non-resident you must select an object and make a security deposit in the amount of 10% of its value.Next is made the reservation agreement,
which spells out the conditions for future transaction.

The next step is the signing of the contract of sale and transfer of money deposited with a notary.To complete the process and to transfer money the seller, you need to register the contract in the real estate cadastre.Usually the procedure is between one to six months.

purchasing real estate in Prague, the buyer does not pay any taxes, if the object of the secondary market.In the primary market will have to pay the VAT to 10% of the transaction amount for apartments up to 120 square meters and 20% for apartments over 120 sq.m.The additional cost to the buyer include notary fees (around 1% of sales price) and registration fee (0.02%).

annual property tax depends on the area and location of the object.Sample rates from 1 to 50 kroons per square meter.

Buy 2-bedroom apartment in Prague is in good condition can be the average for the price of 75 000 euros.Analysts predict that in spite of the crisis provoked by the collapse in prices, now in the Czech real estate value will only grow.

If you plan to take the acquired housing rent, the amount of tax will be 15% of the profits for individuals and 19% for businesses.If you are planning to buy an apartment in Prague for a personal residence, it is necessary to know that the Czechs do not like visitors from the CIS countries and to further explore the features of this country.