Cuticle oil to use .Cuticle oil : recipes and use rules .In this article we will explain what a cuticle oil , its composition , recipes and usage rules .

cuticle - this is the part of the nail, the state of which depends not only on external manicure look, but also how to grow and look for yourself marigolds.Therefore, cuticle care - it must have a full-fledged high-quality hand care.This is especially significant for those who prefer a manicure.In this article we will discuss one of the tools that will help to maintain healthy this gentle and sensitive roller at the base of the nail - cuticle oil.

What Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil - a specially selected composition of vegetable and essential oils, which aims at the protection, nutrition and recovery of this important part of the nail.Therefore, most often used as a base are "monoliths" cosmetology as jojoba oil, olive, almond, rice bran or wheat germ, and burdock.

as a fragrant, useful components are made essential oils:

  • rosemary and tea tree (to combat inflammation and prevention);
  • conifers (pine, cedar);
  • sandalwood (as a strengthener of the nail plate);
  • lavender and eucalyptus wood (as "antizausenichnye" means);
  • citrus (for strong nails and shiny).

oil action spectrum Cuticle

During our intensive life on the cuticle affects many factors that are not the most positive impact on her condition:

  1. Malnutrition;
  2. lack of vitamins;
  3. Aggressive environment (cold or heat, salt water pools and water);
  4. impact of chemicals (household cleaning products, industrial hazards).

As a result delicate thin cuticle is more thin, dry and begins to crack.And cracks and burrs - it opened the door to infection.To cope with all of these "aggressors" and urged oil for cuticles.Such a cosmetic composition saturate it with vitamins and minerals, in parallel increasing the antimicrobial barrier.In case if you have already encountered the problem of drying, inflammation, or barbs, this oil will help restore your cuticles in initially normal.

Terms of Use cuticle oil

To experience all of the above range of oil impacts to the cuticle, make this process into your daily ritual's Skin.Optimally apply makeup for the night, so that he can freely penetrate the cuticle and have an impact.To do this, one oil droplets on one nail.Also do this procedure completion manicure.You can supplement the process of rubbing a light massage, and capturing the entire nail plate.In this case, your nails will receive a bonus in the form of a soft polishing and additional feeding nutrients.

stores oil for cuticles

Today, many manufacturers's Skin Care included in its product range and oil to the cuticle:

  • At Orly such structure is called Cuticle Oil and under its orange aroma contains effective moisturizing and firming effects.In
  • Opi oil has a broad composition (grape seed oil, sesame, avocado, sunflower lecithin and vitamins A, B, E, D), by which enhanced growth of nails and cuticles - slows.Significantly, this composition can be applied over the varnish.
  • No less active and is part of the oil "Clever enamel", which copes well with basic care, and problems (burrs, cracks, inflammation).
  • Remedy Sea of ​​Spa, the range of activities which also captures and nutrition, and treatment, and strengthening.But it needs to be applied only on clean nails without covering.

Cooking oil for cuticles home

view of the fact that the composition of oils for cuticle has no fancy formulas and secret ingredients to make a super-agent you can own hands.It is only necessary to choose a favorite recipe and ingredients to buy.

We have written some of the most effective recipe:

  1. Recipe №1 - nourishing and firming.Mix 10 ml grape seed oil, 3 drops of lemon oil and the contents of one capsule of vitamin E.
  2. Recipe №2 - reducing.In a little warmed apricot kernel oil (.. 1 tablespoon), add 2 drops of lavender oil and 3 drops - tea tree.
  3. Recipe №3 - for a healthy shine and nail whitening.Jojoba oil (7 ml) + oil moskety roses (3 ml) of the liquid contents of the capsule + vitamin E + essential oil (ylang-ylang and 2 drops lemon 3 drops).

Keep these improvised compositions cuticles should be in glass containers with a glass lid.

To sum up, the cuticle oil - it is necessary and at the same time quite affordable tool that will make your nails and healthy, and beautiful.So we recommend to all those who have not yet introduced such a procedure in their hand care, be sure to do it and enjoy the results.