September 20, 2016 23:06

Apricot oil for the person .Methods of Use apricot kernel oil for the face

Apricot oil is universal and can be used by the owner of any skin type.Its application is possible even with very sensitive skin.The oil effectively combats wrinkles, bruises under his eyes, as well as acne and various rashes.It contains a lot of nutrients and can improve the skin, making it younger.In this article we look at the most common ways of its application.

Healing part apricot kernel oil

This oil is a beneficial effect on the epidermis due to the presence of vitamins and other nutrients:

  • Vitamin A soothes sensitive skin, quickly eliminates flaking and dryness.
  • B vitamins prevent the occurrence of inflammation and help healing of microcracks.
  • Vitamin C enhances the protective properties of the skin, helping it to withstand the adverse effects of the environment.
  • Vitamin E gives the skin more elasticity, eliminates shallow wrinkles.
  • variety of acids that are part of this oil, rejuvenate and regenerate the epidermis from within the damaged tissue.
  • Potassium regulates the level of
    moisture in the skin.Magnesium
  • operation normalizes blood vessels through which oxygen is supplied to the cells.

spectrum of action of apricot kernel oil

course, this oil is appropriate and in the usual face care, but there are some problems for which its use is simply necessary: ​​

  • Excessive skin sensitivity.
  • scaly dry patches of skin on the face.
  • Deterioration complexion.
  • wrinkles.
  • flabby and tired skin.
  • presence of under-eye "crow's feet" bruises bags.
  • various rashes.

3 ways to use apricot kernel oil

There are many different ways to use this oil.Consider the most effective and common:

  • wiping.Every day, wipe the face with cotton wool soaked in apricot oil to protect against premature aging.
  • Lotions.Apply at night apricot oil to the area around the eyes, to avoid the appearance of swelling and bruising under them.
  • Adding cosmetics.Pour 3 drops of apricot kernel oil in any cosmetic product.This will enhance the positive effects of its application.
  • packs.Dip in apricot oil gauze rolled into a 3 layer, and apply it to the damaged skin.This oil has a healing effect.
  • yolk mask.Connect the egg yolk with a teaspoon apricot kernel oil.This mixture nourishes the skin effectively.
  • ethereal mask.A tablespoon of apricot kernel oil esters connect with chamomile and patchouli, take 2 drops of each.This mixture is effective against a variety of rashes.
  • Oatmeal mask.Connect a tablespoon of oatmeal, pre-shredded, with a tablespoon apricot oil, a teaspoon of warmed honey and a tablespoon of milk.This mixture reduces wrinkles and nourishes the skin.
  • Multiple mask.2 tablespoons of semolina cooked in milk, combine with the egg yolk, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of apricot kernel oil.This mask has a moisturizing effect, eliminates wrinkles and acne.
  • massage tool.For facial massage, this oil is suitable both in pure form and in combination with other oils.

Be sure to use the apricot oil, selecting the most convenient way for you.This natural remedy has a broad spectrum of action and is easy to use.Its regular use guarantees an improvement in skin appearance, as well as its improvement from within.