September 22, 2016 23:07

How to make the door of the drywall .Production and installation of plasterboard doors

plasterboard can be made a variety of facilities, just need to know the specifics of the treatment of these building materials.Gypsum doors are usually installed in the partitions of the same material.Procedure for the manufacture of doors is the same as working with all drywall constructions - Creation of the frame and cladding material.

Formation opening the door for

doorway formed at the manufacturing stage wall.The passage area must be fixed horizontally two profiles, one to the floor, the other - to the ceiling.The profiles must be located in the same vertical plane.Door height is determined by the jumper - profile, located in the horizontal plane at a given height, mounted for rigidity to the ceiling and to the sides of metal structures.This profile for stiffening install a wooden rail.Side racks doorway fabricate profiles of the rack.Typically, the thickness of the door frame - 75 mm, at least - and 100. Therefore, the width of the rack should be a similar size.Optionally, set into wooden

slats Profile of appropriate thickness and length.

Install the uprights to the lower profile at a predetermined width, set vertically and secure it to the upper and lower profiles.Standard Door Height - 2000 mm, width may be from 600 to 900 mm in steps of 100 mm.Accordingly, the box must be greater than 6 mm in the vertical and horizontal 4 mm.If the wall of concrete blocks, vertical profiles secure the dowels through 30-50 cm. In the profiles, connect a short self-tapping screws.Profiles with wood inserts connect with nails length of 120-150 mm.The heads of nails and screws mask decorative caps.

Door Manufacturing

As a door leaf fit drywall thickness of 9.5 and 12.5 mm.Optionally, use whole pieces.Measure the width and height of the door frame.Reduce the width and height of the doors included in a box with a small gap.

Place the drywall on the table, do the markings on the door produced size.To get a smooth line, mark the cut-off boundary.Slide the sheet to the edge of the table so that the label was located outside.Attach the load to the hanging of the paintings and incised Break off a piece.The paper was cut off with a knife.Butt will level plane.

To protect the corners of the door from damage using perforated corners that secure the filler.Each side of the door, align with the help of reinforced paper, mesh and plaster putty.

Installation loops

Attach to the door and the box loop for hanging doors.To install loops make small holes in the fabric.Slots follow the hand router due to looseness of the material.You can also attach the hinges to the door leaf without elaboration.Hang the door on the door frame.Check the level of the location of the door to the horizontal and vertical planes.


latch on the door box and do the layout position of the handle and latches.Drill holes in the doors and a groove in a box under lock mechanism.


Prime with fabric doors on both sides and apply the finish plaster.After finishing of the door leaf can be decorated - painted or cause mosaics.Secure the latch to the door handles, trims.
Along the perimeter of the door opening set and secure the trim.Strips can be glued or fastened.

Installation of drywall door on partition of the same material has one feature - the wall has to be rigid enough to withstand the weight of the door.Therefore, the wall requires strengthening, and it is desirable to make the door easy to reduce the load on the wall.