September 27, 2016 23:01

How to sheathe clapboard balconies with their hands .Finishing clapboard balconies with their hands

You have an apartment renovation has already been made, and the balcony just can not get around.And finally the time has come to bring this facility and in order.For insulation and finish of the rooms need a lot of money.After all, apart walls have to elevate the floor, ceiling and glaze all open balcony.Only then can the work be considered as over.In winter, you will feel that in the adjacent room was much warmer and stopped coming through.Further instructions will talk about how to sheathe their hands balcony paneling.

Types lining

there are two types of this material in the construction supermarkets: regular and Lining.They differ in both quality and price.With Lining work easier, and it provides the channels to prevent moisture condensation does not accumulate, due to this the tongue ridge comes out of the recess.More siding is made of plastic and wood, which to choose - it's up to you.Experts prefer wood because of its environmental friendliness, durability.When properly treated wood is use

d for many years.


materials to calculate how much material is required for the repair of the balcony, measure the height, the width of the walls, floor and ceiling, their area.Then calculate what is the area of ​​window and door openings and subtract the resulting value of the total of squaring the balcony.After the obtained value to add 10-15%.

for insulation and sheathing of the object, you will need:

  • wooden rack for sheathing;
  • linings;
  • foam installation, plaster;
  • nails, screws, screws for wood;
  • material for insulation;
  • plinth;
  • varnish.


Start with the walls and ceiling - seal the bumps, cracks, treat them with a solution of the fungus.Make a frame of wooden slats.The main guide rail, attach the top, departing at 10 cm from the ceiling.Should be fixed in parallel by 60 centimeters, and so to the bottom.The last bar has to deviate from the floor by 1-2 cm.To fix the boards using screws and dowels.Valid distance to fasteners - 60-80 centimeters.From the master tool to work you will need: a drill, screwdriver, level, hacksaw, hammer.Similarly, make the frame and on the ceiling.Treated wood varnish or primer, let dry.Then proceed to the insulation of the walls.The material is laid between the rails.

Sheathing lining

begins the process of skin from the ceiling and from the awkward angle on the balcony, then it will be easier in the end.First fasten the board with two sides.Attach the strap can be nailed or stapled.The next bunk insert in the first groove.From the second groove fix it.To do this, on the bottom wall of the groove strips klyaymer wear and fasten it to the rack.If the lining is bad enters into the slot, then gently tap it with a hammer, but not by itself marginalia lining and attach to the end piece of the bar.Likewise obsheyte wall.Angles, seal the joints of the skirting board, securing it with small nails.

5 Tips

Helpful hints:

  1. If you decide to sheathe balcony or Lining lining, make sure you glaze and Insulate the room.
  2. For more suited balconies lining of coniferous tree, because this species is less susceptible to rotting, and is resistant to a variety of fungi.
  3. At the end of the work process the battens acrylic lacquer, akvalakom, oil or primer-antiseptic, so the tree will serve you for a long time.

The article describes in detail all the steps on the balcony clapboard sheathing procedure.If you will perform the work in order and listen to the advice of the masters, you get a great balcony.A room will be drier and warmer in the winter and in the summer you will enjoy a pleasant coolness.