September 27, 2016 23:01

How to connect a grounded socket .Connecting sockets with earthing

electrical grounding is necessary for removal of the voltage equipment, which accidentally applied to the terminals - for example, when a short circuit or destruction of the insulation of wires.This explains the need for setting sockets with earthing, in which the additional terminals on the appliance plug and the socket contact before the contact phase and neutral wires.

Features sockets with earthing

Externally outlet with earth differs from the usual presence of a third contact.In Russia set F. In such type of outlet products are made two round holes 4.8 mm diameter and earth in the form of staples arranged in a diagonal outlet.In foreign analogues ground contacts are made in the form of pins with the slots.Often there are outlets with protective shutter timer with pusher, for wet rooms.

Mounting socket with earth in

apartment to bring grounding to an outlet in the apartment, it is necessary to reach the three-wire cable to the grounded flap located in the stairwell of an apartment

building.Three-core cable with a wire release, the marked in different colors.Green and yellow are always connected to the terminal.Blue or blue - a zero touch, color phase conductor is not regulated, but it is always different from the color of the zero and ground.

Electricians in apartment buildings prefer a different way of ground in which the ground wire from the power outlet is connected to the zero terminal on the instrument.In this scheme, the ground in the electrical circuit can be entered RCD system and machines, which will operate in emergency situations.Usually the zero contact is a bolt on the switchboard, which connects the flat ground.

Mounting socket with earth in a private house

in private homes to bring grounding to the room easier.The land next to the house buried three or four metal corners.To secure the corners of copper wire of not less than 1.5 mm, which stretch to the outlet.Along the perimeter of the production premises located ground loops, which conducted from electrical earthing cables.


Determine where the outlet location.Perform a niche in the wall under the panel socket using the punch with a special nozzle.Schedule Thrace wires from the niche to the side of a switch.Shtraborezom follow niche cable.Set to indent three-wire cable, fix it with a plaster solution.Pass the wire through the lateral openings Escutcheon and print out.Set in the hole Escutcheon and also secure with plaster.Turn off the power to the panel.Believe me there is no voltage on the indicator terminals.The ideal option for ground wiring in the apartment and installation of sockets with grounding considered overhaul.Then all of the wiring and the socket can be recessed into the wall, and issues with masking wires does not occur in the apartment.


Release 5 cm three-wire cable from the insulation of the wire ends soldered using sidecutters or sandpaper.Bend the ends of the peeled into small rings with a diameter up to 0.4 cm. Start the wire ends with the working phase and zero to different contacts socket and secure.There are no strict requirements of connecting to the operating phase and zero to the left or right side of the socket, the choice of an arbitrary location.Ground socket element (metal plate), made in the form of the letter "P".The ground wire is attached to the plate with a screw.For prevention once a year tighten the screws fixing the wires.Connect the wires to the switch board.Install the socket in the Escutcheon and secure.

Monitoring of

Check ground work with the help of special equipment, when properly installed between the conductor and the phase of the instrument shows 220 W.

ideal option for ground wiring in the apartment and a grounded outlet mounting consideredoverhaul.Then all the wires can be sunk into the wall, and problems with masking wires in the apartment does not arise.