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Glycerin from cracked heels .How to treat cracked heels glycerol

Cracks on the heels - the unpleasant problem which spoils the appearance of the legs and causes pain.Taking care of skin of feet is necessary not only in summer but throughout the year.Then the heels will be smooth and soft, with no signs of peeling and cracks.Treatments with glycerol are inexpensive and efficient.

Useful properties of glycerol

exceptional feature of glycerine - extract air from water molecules and hold them.When applied to the skin, it moisturizes, absorbing moisture from the atmosphere.Glycerin disinfects the skin, prevents the spread of bacteria, tightens the small wounds and fractures.Qualitative glycerol must be made from natural ingredients and be purified to 99.5%.

glycerin and vinegar: recipes for heels

best impact on the heels of glycerol has, together with vinegar or vinegar essence.The duration of the courses are selected depending on the depth of cracks.After each procedure, treat the feet with a nourishing cream.Do not use glycerin otherwise than by vineg

ar or other components.

recipe with glycerin and essence

composition Preparation and Application Procedure:

  1. Take a bottle of glycerin.As a rule, it is not filled to the brim.Fill with vinegar essence to the edge and shake closing lid.
  2. Open the bottle and rub agent in the affected skin.
  3. Use makeup every morning and evening.On the night after the procedure, wear socks.

first positive changes you will notice on the fourth day of use.

Recipe cracks with glycerin and vinegar

Helps with deep cracks on the heels.Preparation and application:

  1. Take a foot bath with sea salt duration of 20 minutes.
  2. Clean and heel with pumice.
  3. Mix vinegar 9% and glycerol in a ratio of 1: 1.
  4. Apply the product at the heel and wrap them with polyethylene.
  5. Wear socks.
  6. a couple of hours remove the socks and rinse agent in the warm water.

Glycerin from cracks: an easy way to

The easiest way to treat cracked heels - drawing on rough skin glycerine-acetic mixture for 15 minutes and subsequent treatment of dry feet with a pumice stone or nail file.

Glycerin and grated apple cracks: Apples recipe

saturate the skin with vitamins heels and glycerin soften it.Take the ingredients:

  • two small apple;
  • milk;
  • glycerol;
  • vinegar 9%.


  1. Apples peel, rub on a small grater and pour the milk so as to obtain a paste.It must not be liquid.
  2. Boil the mixture, and then cool.
  3. The cooled slurry was put on the heel for 50 minutes, and after - wash off.
  4. Mix vinegar and glycerin in a ratio of 1: 1.Lubricate foot
  5. obtained composition.

Glycerin bath tub

Glycerin helps to remove dead skin cells and healing cracked heels.Application:

  1. Prepare a bath for the feet with warm water.
  2. Add one teaspoon of glycerin.
  3. Dip your feet in the tub for 15 minutes.
  4. Treat your feet with a pumice stone.

Baths are used not only for treatment but also for prevention of regular cracks.

Herbal teas with glycerol

Broth with glycerin and herbs will prompt a healing effect on the heel.Most herbs - St. John's wort, oak bark and sage.Cooking broth:

  1. Take one tablespoon of dried herbs and fill it with one liter of boiling water.
  2. Put on a water bath and boil for 30 minutes.
  3. Slightly cool the broth and steam out legs.Dip your feet with a towel and promazhte cracked heels glycerin.

With daily use, and glycerol infusions cracks drag in 2-3 days.

, spend prevention once a week to avoid time-consuming and long-term treatment of cracks on the heels.Clean of rough skin layer and make a glycerol bath to moisturize.At night, rub vaseline ointment into the skin of the heels.If the cracks are still formed, and traditional recipes do not help, consult a physician.