August 12, 2017 18:02

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner .The principle of operation of the robot cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners have appeared recently on the market - only 20 years ago.Then they were in short supply, but now - on the contrary.In any online store offers many models to choose a vacuum cleaner becomes a problem.Read our tips on choosing a home helper.

1 Decide on the area that will clean up the robot cleaner.Usually all manufacturers write in the passport, the vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning of the number of square meters.If these data are not available (and there is), then use the calculation.From the length of the vacuum cleaner on a single charge (in minutes), subtract 10 (square meters).The resulting number is the area that will be able to remove a vacuum cleaner.For reference: the duration of work specified in the passport at all times.

second main indicator - capacity waste bin.It is, starting with 0.3 and ending with 0.6 liters.The smallest are designed for cleaning the studio.But if the house is an animal, that capacity may not be enough - hair quickly score the
container.It is better to buy a vacuum cleaner with a stock: the small and average an apartment - 0.5 liters at the apartment more than 80 sq.m.- 0,6 liters.

Any robot vacuum cleaner will drive up close to a piece of furniture.If the apartment is worth expensive antique chairs and tables, stop your choice on the vacuum cleaner with a "soft touch".For the apartments, which have high sills, vacuum cleaner should be a function of the "Passage elevations."Such vacuum cleaners have Dyson, iRobot, LG Hom-Bot.

If you want a vacuum cleaner worked while you are in the house, buy a model with programming beginning of harvest time.Some models have optional "fragrance."It can be claimed, if the animals are in the house or home smoke.Automatic flavor is built into some models of CVR, Panda, XRobot.

When buying a vacuum cleaner pay attention to the presence of a set of spare brushes.If it does not, like an additional filter, examine the store's website.You must be sure that, if necessary, will be able to get spare parts.Many firms are producing robotic vacuum cleaners, do not have their own service centers in Russia.Before you buy your favorite model, find out where you will be able to repair the broken vacuum cleaner.Known KÄRCHER firm iRobot and take care of their customers and provide repair services for its products.

We talked about what should be in the first place to look for when choosing a robot cleaner.We invite you to watch a video clip in which a consultant will talk about some additional nuances of selecting a vacuum cleaner.