October 01, 2016 23:09

How to choose a heater.Purchase a heater

With the onset of cold weather question arises - how to choose an alternative source of heat if there is no central heating or poor.The most affordable and easy way - the heater, but the main thing here is not to be mistaken with the power and capabilities to cope with the existing volume of the room (this information is in the manual).Each type of heater is good in its own way and has its own advantages and disadvantages.

heater 1 - the least expensive unit (some models cost from $ 10).Powered by the method of the dryer (through heated spiral warm air enters the room).He quickly heat up the room, but the noise is not designed for a long operating time and low efficiency (usefulness in comparison with electricity consumption).

most popular - the oil.Not so long ago it was a hit in sales due to low prices and the prevalence of models.Principle of operation - in ribbed metal housing is mineral oil.Electrical coil heats the oil inside, and it in turn - air (in total heat the room can be less
than one hour).Among the shortcomings: its efficiency is quite low, and the weight and size too big.The merits of a lot:
  • spiral is completely safe and it can not be injured.
  • Use an oil heater may be days on end, without the risk of damage it.In this case the room air is not too dry.
  • long heating of the lack of dignity in turns when you turn off the unit - cools, and gives off heat slowly.

electric fireplace.In Soviet times, it was just inside the glass bulb with wire, now mostly produced with a picture of a burning fire, like a classic wood-burning fireplace.The main advantage - an aesthetic pleasure, which is obtained by looking at it on a chilly evening.But the power consumption and the cost of poor.

convectors - a new and increasingly popular innovation in the world of heaters.For the price they are more expensive than oil (and this is their main minus), but the benefits are much greater.They work on the following principle: inside there is a heating element and in the hole created by the movement of different densities of hot and cold air.Its effectiveness is very high (efficiency of 99%) and within 5 minutes you will notice how significantly warmer in the room.Pros convectors:
  • Small, quiet and without brittle parts.
  • work around the clock.
  • heating temperature - no more than 60 degrees, it is safe even for small children.

infrared heater (infrared).Type of work - special quartz lamp identifies heat waves, harmless to humans.They are heated only the surface in the room, rather than air.The main advantage of this type of heaters - power save mode (2 times in comparison with oil) and an acceptable price.Even setting it on the street (for example, in the gazebo), you'll feel a tangible difference, and the draft will be uneasy.Deficiencies in this device has also:
  • fragile quartz lamp that is easy to break, dropping the instrument.
  • high heating temperature (protective grille is heated to 200 degrees).
  • For those who can not sleep at night without light, it should be borne in mind that it is quite bright in the darkness.

Innovation - carbon heater, which uses the type of IR, but the main element in the form of carbon spiral.In power, he is stronger IR, but the electricity it consumes less (25% profitable infrared and 250% - oil).Like any innovation, the cost at the moment is higher than that of other devices.

What heater you choose, the main thing to have in your house was cozy and warm on cold winter days.