October 01, 2016 23:09

How does a blender .The principle of operation of the blender .The article deals with the peculiarities of the blender .

Blender - an indispensable appliance that can run permanently, grinding products mainly container, placed on a stable housing (stationary), and by means of immersion of the working element in any capacity (immersion).The principle of operation of the blender is simple enough, let's look at this.

Qualitative characteristics of the device depend on the "heart" - electric, forced to work various attachments included in a complete set of equipment.For example, the number of revolutions when moving knives can vary from 10 to 20 thousand per minute.Blender coped well with sauces, mousse, cream, sauce, cocktail, batter, chop fruits, vegetables, nuts, ice, meat without streaks.

Stationary blender has a small capacity, due to the fixed, fixed to a stable base of the bowl.Grinding, mixing and whipping the products takes place directly to stationary tanks at the bottom of which the knives are fastened.When working with him does not need to hold hands, immerse the required amount of ingredients in t
he bowl enough, close it, adjust the desired speed and turn the unit on.Attention!Do not load food into the container to the edge (that you restart the engine).Leave under the hood a few centimeters of space.

immersion blender is very rational in that they can work in any portable container.Hold it for a comfortable handle, you adjust the level of self-cleavage products.Such an apparatus without problems will grind hot ingredients (if you have a metal model) and cope with a small number of them (this is not very convenient to do stationary blender).The whole process of working with the device submersible perform as follows:
  • Set the required nozzle (their number depends on the configuration model).If knives - kneading mechanism, rotating them, chop and mix the products if the beater - comes whipping process.
  • Immerse the working part of a container with prepared food.
  • Turn on the device to the network.
  • Adjust the speed and perform the desired action.

Regardless of the type blender, to his work has been trouble-free, follow a few simple guidelines:
  • Start running at minimum speed, gradually increasing speed.
  • Do not use whole foods, cut them before crushing.
  • When crushed ice and too dry add products into the container a little liquid - it will reduce the load on the engine.
  • After turning off the blender before you open the lid, wait until the blade.
  • If the capacity of the stationary plastic blender, do not use it for grinding hot products.
  • For preparing cold dishes, glass and metal containers pre-cooled in a freezer.Do not use it for plastic cups.

observe the basic principles of the blender, and this is a great device would be the best friend of your kitchen experiments.