October 01, 2016 23:09

What better boiler .Buying boiler

In today's boilers for various reasons as claimed by the buyer, as well as other appliances.Centralized supply of hot water is turned off for prevention, and for a few weeks, there is no question of the most pleasant heated water.Owners of cottages and country houses are faced with this problem more often.The market offers a variety of water heaters, and plenty of it to the buyer to choose for themselves exactly the device that will satisfy him in all respects.

are many things to consider when choosing a boiler.This volume of the tank and its material, water heating principle, the power and the type of heating element, the shape of the device.But the product characteristics recede into the background, if the manufacturer does not care about the quality of the goods.Thus, an important point in the instructions for choosing the boiler will be mark of the device and its country of origin.

are the company Ariston (Italy), the AEG (Germany), Stiebel Eltron (Germany), the Electrolux (Sweden),
the Bosch (Germany) Thermex (Russia) The Russian market today the most popular boiler manufacturers,Gorenje (Slovenia).These brands have earned the respect and consumers demand for various benefits, such as the quality of component parts and assembly accuracy, and price.

The average price of boilers for home use range from $ 100 to 600-700.The price depends on producer countries, the material from which the tank as well as on the specific design of various models.The most expensive heating appliances is German, but the boilers from Germany differ quality component parts and assembly, excellent thermal insulation, and manufacturers guarantee the life of many of its devices up to 10 years.Heaters with enamelled tank are cheaper, but due to the thicker wall of the boiler, such boilers are not less than the devices coated with steel.To reduce the cost of the goods, which is not lost on the term of operation, to the enamel coating resorted and powerful companies such as Stiebel Eltron, AEG, Electrolux.The cheapest water heaters - from Italy, Turkey and Russia.

give dignity heaters of various companies estimated consumers:
  1. Ariston - perfect compromise between price and quality boilers.The world-famous brand will offer you a wide range of devices for a variety of purposes.Prices for this brand boilers start at $ 100.Buy Ariston water heater can afford almost any buyer, and product life cycle, from the reviews, to reach a dozen years.
  2. German company Stiebel Eltron is known for high quality storage water heaters.high-volume devices will be able to provide hot water, a large family.The devices are equipped with comfortable temperature control from 7 to 85 degrees.Power storage water heaters Stiebel Eltron - up to 6 kW.The price of the German heating equipment ranges from $ 400-600 or higher, but the high cost of quality pays off.On many models the company offers a 10 year warranty.
  3. the AEG boiler manufacturers, in addition, ensure that the present German quality parts and assembly, also pay attention to the safety of its equipment, and environmental protection.
  4. Termex Russian company offers a fairly high-quality boilers at a low price.Among the features include the possibility of power regulation from 1,3 to 3 kW.
  5. Gorenje - Slovenian water heater with a steel or plastic tank and the inner surface of the enamel.Built-in temperature control from 25 to 75 degrees.Mark is known for its versatility in terms of devices, their installation: both horizontal and vertical mounting.
  6. Electrolux - universal boilers with a unique design and a narrow two modes of power.
  7. OSO - Norwegian company, which is known boilers robust tanks made of stainless steel, the ability to connect to more than one water source.The warranty for water heating equipment brand OSO - 10 years.

We called the most famous brands of the Russian market, product quality has been tested by time.In choosing their future brand water heater Management also reviews on specific models, customers who exploited the boiler for several years.