October 01, 2016 23:09

Where is Niagara Falls .What is interesting Niagara Falls

One of the most well-known and famous waterfalls in the world - Niagara - is striking even in photographs.What to say about what you experience, looking at it live.Each year, admire Niagara Falls comes around 12 million tourists from the United States, Canada and other countries.

Location Niagara Falls also quite remarkable.The fact that it is located on the border of the United States and Canada.On each side of the border is located on the campus - Niagara Falls.In spite of the same name, one of the cities located in the US state of New York, and the other - in Ontario, Canada.

famous Niagara Falls is part of the largest water system consisting of the Great Lakes region, a plurality of channels, rivers, through which water moves from one reservoir to another.Niagara River, which gives life a waterfall comes from Lake Erie and empties into the Ontario.And the Niagara Falls is actually three: American, Canadian, and the smallest - Fata.Rainbow Bridge, through exchanged a gorge through whi
ch flows Niagara connects the US and Canada.

As the name implies, the American Falls is from the United States, next to it is a small island of the Moon (or Silver), and between him and the Goat Island, dividing the waters of the river, placed the least of waterfalls -Veil.These objects belong to the United States.But in this place the river makes a sharp turn almost 90 degrees, and the Canadian Falls because of the unusual shape of a semicircle is called Horseshoe.

If you want to see Niagara Falls in all its glory, you need to come here in the summer - when the water level is highest and strong.Upstream hydropower plants are located, which also affect the level of water in the waterfall.Due to the Goat Island water flow at the American Falls weaker than in Canada.

for tourists all conditions - just 20 minutes drive from the airport, where the bulk of tourists arrive.For the convenience of visitors to admire the waterfalls on each side are equipped with viewing platforms.You can also buy a ticket for a special cruise ship that will take you through the water to the point where you can even feel the spray from the waterfall and enjoy this impressive sight from the bottom, considering the power of falling water.Do not forget to bring a raincoat, because otherwise you vymoknete to the skin.

beauty of Niagara Falls can be seen from attractions such as the Ferris wheel and lookout tower, overlooking all the waterfalls that are part of the complex.The most impressive sight seems to midnight in summer, when the water jets are illuminated in different colors by using special lights.No less experience can be obtained if you climb over a waterfall on a hot air balloon or ride on a special elevator to the three tunnels, offering breathtaking views of the waterfall, the water splashes and sprays are born in these rainbow.

name Niagara Falls translated as "Thunder Water".It is believed that it comes from the word «Onguiaahra» of the old Iroquois language.Visiting the waterfall should strictly observe the safety precautions as its waters are turbulent and dangerous, they have repeatedly been the cause of death of many people.