August 24, 2016 23:11

How do you know the name of his future wife .What are the ways to find out the name of his future wife .This article describes several ways , as you can see the future wife's name

For those men who do not want to wait for a meeting with his beloved, and who can not wait to find out what will happen in her name, there are several ways.Perhaps they are not 100% guarantee the correct answer, but try, perhaps, is.

Divination on holidays such as New Year according to the old calendar and Christmas

  • necessary to take a basin of water and a lot of small pieces of paper, each of which is written some woman's name.These segments should be placed on a basin around the inside at a distance of 2 cm from each other.Now we have to take half of walnut shell, fasten inside a small cinder candle, light it and let the water in the basin.At some point the candle flame touches any of the segments.The name will be written on the segment is the future wife's name Gad.

  • There is another method of divination in the holy when at midnight the man should go out with pancakes, come to first got the lady and ask her name, with having treated a pancake.Name is the name of a stranger, and future wi

  • Before going to bed under a pillow it is necessary to put a lot of leaves of paper, each of which any woman's name should be written.In the morning, not looking up, man should lend a hand under the pillow and get the first available leaf with a name that will be cherished and for him.

  • Take the whole apple and a peeled one cut in a circle, should get a one-piece strip of peel from an apple.The man takes the skin of hand and throws over his left shoulder.It is believed that that letter, which will take the form of peel, and will be the first in the name of his future wife.

2 Responses to some questions in the special tests

On the Internet there are plenty of tests that offer to find out the name of the wife of the future by answering just a few questions online.

future wife's name will reveal all the secrets

There is a special decryption names, which you can see which female names are best suited to one or the other man's name.Based on this information, you can also search for future wife.

future wife's name can be read on the arm

There is a possibility to appeal to a fortune that reads hand.It is believed that on the hill of Mercury various lines intersections registers the name of the future husband or wife.That's just to see the name of the inexperienced eye is difficult, but the fortune-teller in the cellar.

Man is always interesting to learn their future before it comes.And a misconception of those who claim that such curiosity concerns only lovely ladies did.Men, too, are trying to look for a few days, months and years ahead.And, as they say, why not, if there is such possibility.