October 22, 2016 23:01

How to remove ink from the skin .Methods for removing ink from the skin after hair dyeing

Hair coloring - it's not just thin (in terms of results), but also dirty (in terms of the skin traces of paint).And such unpleasant incidents do not happen only in the home, "masters", but also for professionals.Therefore, would not want to know how to remove paint from the skin after hair coloring.

hygienic and cosmetic products

good rapid method to wash off the paint from the skin after hair dyeing is to use a solution of warm water and soap or shampoo.Wet in it a cotton swab or cosmetic disk and remove traces of paint.Instead of soap solution is not less successfully, you can use any means to make-up remover - put it on the stained areas for a couple of minutes, then remove the cloth dirty or damp cloth.The wet wipes (ordinary or special), you can try as a cleaning agent.But remember that all these methods yield good results in the fresh contamination, when the paint is still ingrained in the skin.

Spirt- and acetone-containing agents

well proven in the "clean-up" painting traces a

lcohol and acetone.With the same purpose, you can use lotions, which include alcohol and nail polish remover.Such tools are considered more radical method, so they can be used even in case of an "consolidate" in the skin color.To clean the skin with alcohol, acetone or the compositions comprising them, soak in the selected piece of cotton wool or liquid cosmetic disc and gradually erase the paint.The main drawback of this method is the "tail" of a specific odor after the procedure and the possible marks on the skin (redness).


appears assistants in the laundering of the paint on the skin can be found even within the kitchen.Thus, good cleaning colorants properties differ in terms of baking soda, vegetable oil, yogurt, lemons.Soda is used as a slurry (in the approximate ratio of 1 teaspoon of the product by 6-8 drops of water..) So that acts like skrabu, vegetable oil, lemon and yogurt - in pure form.The selected product is recommended to withstand a certain time in the contaminated skin (soda, lemon and yogurt - 5-10 minutes, vegetable oil - 15 minutes), and only then wash off.


lot of positive feedback has won the way to remove paint residue from the skin with the help of an ordinary toothpaste.It is completely safe for the skin and is effective enough.To get rid of impurities by this method, apply a paste in a thin even layer.Then you can follow two scenarios: the first - just waiting for the complete drying of the paste and gently wash off her skin, the second - gently rub it into the dirty areas and then remove the water.


Special conditions In order to remove traces of careless application of paint on the hair, you can use a professional, specially designed for this facility.They can be purchased in beauty shops or found in the box with paint (many manufacturers of paints have included a bag in the composition of their products).There are also allegations that remove paint from the skin can be with the "curl" - means for curling.This product will not harm your skin, but it does have one caveat - the proof is not very pleasant smell.

Fight fire

As paradoxical as it may sound, but you can remove paint residues, using the same paint.Of course, this method is relevant if you have paint not only the skin, but also a small bowl or tube where you are and where it was diluted was applied to the hair.Here are the remains of such seal the traces of paint on the skin to form a small foam (2-3 minutes), then rinse all the water.

It may be that you have to try several ways to remove the traces of paint, after coloring the hair to obtain a positive result.That is why better to prevent such a situation, for example, to paint the procedure applying to the skin (in the most "dangerous" in terms of local pollution) of any fat cream and the very procedure is carried out as carefully as possible.