October 16, 2016 23:07

How to make the font.Font for a bath with his hands

Russian bath-house, located on the bank of the river - ideal, but not always in the vicinity there is a body of water.An excellent alternative to the pond or the hole is a font with cold water, which allows to harden the year.In addition, you can adjust without permission water temperature, add aromatic oils, mineral salts.Especially because its production will not take a lot of time and a host of forces.Yes, and there are several options.

1 font - it is a big barrel, for the manufacture of which uses wood, metal or plastic.The capacity is of several types:
  • Open - suitable for installation in any location, as well as on the street;
  • oblivnye - tipping bucket for rope through;
  • depth - is a mini-pool.

The easiest option is to manufacture oblivnye font, since it takes only to set the float mechanism, then make water available to the bowl.But if the size of the bath allow fabricate a complete font capacity of 2-4 people.

truly alive, heals considered wooden font.For its manufacturing it
is necessary to approach to the choice of wood:
  1. Larch.This breed is unique, has a high strength and a constant contact with water does not rot.In addition, larch promotes human tone and cleans pores.
  2. Oak.It should be noted its high performance.This timber also has anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Conifer.Pine, spruce and cedar are very popular in the manufacture of the font, as in conifers contains many essential oils and fitotsindov that act on the body in the most positive way, making it younger.

Consider the process of making wooden font:
  • to work you will need these tools: knife wrench (ring or open-end), screwdriver, rubber mallet.
  • Glue the flat rack in a rectangle, with the help of clamping clamp.You finally get the shield.It follows from bottom to saw any shape desired.It can be round or oval.On the outside of the workpiece, attach the two bars.
  • to organize the discharge of water, follow in the bottom of the hole.When used not need to perform the work of pumping equipment.
  • Now for assembling font walls.Use the rack with otfrezirovannymi side edges that need to be embedded into each other.On the back side of the cut groove that has a rectangular shape, for fixing them to the bottom.Make it closer to the edge.
  • Pull the rack, using the metal strips (hoops) in the amount of three pieces, as well as nuts and bolts.
  • After that should be cleaned wood surface of sandpaper and equip Hot additional features: water heating, Jacuzzi.Inside can be equipped with a bench, or to attach a wooden ladder.
  • If the product flows, do not worry, because the wood must collect moisture to expand later.
  • When installing wooden font, consider the capriciousness of this material, it is recommended to put construction of the exceptionally smooth surface to avoid skewing the bottom.

Despite the fact that the font of the timber characterized by numerous advantages, by virtue of the process of its manufacture is not everyone, but make a concrete font can any host:
  1. of concrete can create a font of any size,depth and form, as well as to provide a descent steps.
  2. Hot Since concrete is a stationary structure, then it is necessary to pre-dig a hole.Its depth should be about half a meter.
  3. The next step is reinforcing mesh lay on the floor.Placed at a height of about 5 cm from the bottom, placing it under the plastic clips specifically designed for reinforcement.Also, the ground can score the pin 4, which will rise above the surface.Above and placed mesh.
  4. Using OSB and lumber for the gain, make the formwork for the inner wall.Installing it is recommended that the above grid.Thus, the thickness of the concrete floor font is 10 centimeters.Acting in a similar way, make the formwork for the outer wall, it is installed directly on the bottom.Do not forget to include in the formwork hole that needed to drain the water.
  5. After that you should go pouring concrete wall.Fill advisable to do at a time to produce a monolith.Then fill the bottom.To improve the mechanical strength of the solution in the cup can enter additional additives.
  6. Formwork disassemble a week later oshtukaturte wall.If you are having potholes, pits, they must be eliminated in the process of plastering.Paul align beacons with a solution.
  7. now be processed font, using a waterproof mixture, as cracks can occur, even in such a small pool.A good quality of different composition Ceresit CR 65. After application of this layer walk primer and cover the surface of rubber paint.In addition, you can select another option finishes - PVC film or ceramic tile.
  8. After waterproofing concrete font swipe test: fill it with water and watch a few days, the water level did not decrease dramatically.
  9. Finally, set a ladder, if you want to organize a decorative illumination LED lamps And he built a mini-waterfall.

Plastic font, which has wooden paneling - an option for the lazy or permanently employed owners.Buy ready-made container that you want to install, and then sheathing strips, pre-erecting the frame on the perimeter, using the boards.Since between the rails and the wall of the container formed the blank space, it is also necessary to sheathe the wooden panels for the purpose of concealment.At the end product is not distinguished from the baptismal font, made entirely of wood.

Select the type of font is completely dependent on finance and owner desires.But in any case, this design helps to relax and improve their health by hardening.