September 10, 2016 23:02

How to charm a loved one.Privorot favorite .This article contains secure ways of love spell of white magic .

Nature in woman lies the role of the guardian of the family hearth.Perhaps that is why she is your lover sees a potential husband and father of their children.What can we do if the partner is "cool" to you or even gone to another as bewitch?

If you really roads this person, and you want to spend with him the rest of life, with all its imperfections and shortcomings, using methods of white magic.For maximum side-effects in this case - drowsiness and weakness, will be held in a couple of days.Can not be said about the effects of black magic love spell.Yes, they say, its methods and effectiveness of the stronger, but it is likely that you are crippled, and the fate of a loved one, and his forever.

Having decided to spell, also keep in mind that to tell fortunes of her husband, who had gone to the other, much more complicated.This is due to the fact that to get him away from the family could rival his love spell, destroy its power can be extremely difficult.

Privorot the more than h
ot your love and passion for man so if you are pursuing the goal of a rich sponsor to bewitch itself without any sense of you, the good of it will not be enough.

One popular omens - a photograph.The photo must be your favorite one, no strangers.Put the picture on the ground, put his left on her bare feet, and said the plot.

In Russia, used since ancient times for the return of the beloved silver ring and wine.Wrap your ring in a clean, white cloth, and then dig into the ground.During the ritual, constantly think of the beloved.When the ring is buried in the ground, pour out on this place a little wine and whisper the word conspiracy.Now leave this place and do not come back here a month.After due time dig a charm ring, wear it all the time and as often as possible Happen next to his loved ones.

If you have previously lived together with her lover, try the next spell.Open the window, stand beside him, close your eyes and mentally Draw a picture of how it usually goes home: opens the door, welcomes, undresses, goes to you, hugs and kisses.This is not vorozhenie, it's just the mood of your energy, your thoughts on the fulfillment of a wish.Now open your eyes and whisper a prayer.This ritual is repeated many times, it is desirable to return to her husband.

For the next love spell will need photos of your favorite and three church candles.Put in front of a photograph and, without taking his eyes from the favorite eye, weave braid of the candles.At the same time three times, repeat the text of the conspiracy.Now attach the braid of the candles in the candlestick, put in front of a photo and light the wick with a match (lighter not!).the ritual time is chosen so that the remains of candles melted already at sunrise.Move the wax from the burned-out candles in direct sunlight, and said: "As the candles in one converged, and the servant of God (his name) with a slave of God (your name) became one whole."Wax wrap in a clean cloth and hide in the farthest corner.Privorot is valid as long as the parcel is stored in your home.

If you are with your loved ones still living together, but you know exactly what he admires in the other, or are confident that the changes, use the love potion infusion of salt, wine and holy water.Ritual accomplished on the growing moon after midnight.Pour into a glass of holy water and wine, add a pinch of salt.Stirring infusion clockwise whisper conspiracy words."Love Potion" pour into the bottle and hide in a dark place until the next new moon.After that, for 9 days, add three drops of tincture in a favorite food or drink.

sentences given in the article will certainly help to those who act for the good, with clean thoughts and thirst for true love.Remember, white magic can bring happiness, black - disappointment.