September 11, 2016 23:02

How to guess at the Tarot .Guessing at the Tarot cards

Guessing on Tarot is a very ancient art.It is popular these days because it allows you to understand the intricate situations and look into the future.On the job training can take several years, but there are basic rules and divination are available for beginners.

To begin, select the appropriate deck.There are many different options, such as Tarot Crowley, gnomes, Joseph Vargo, Rader White, elves and so on. D. Each deck has its own design and symbolism.During her choice, try to feel the connection between the card and you.They need to impress you and resonate with your inner attitude.If for some reason you dislike the deck, look for another option until you find one you like.

The next step is to prepare for work.It is necessary to clear the cards and set them up to work with your energy.Experts say that it is recommended to wrap them with a quartz crystal in a black silk cloth and put under the pillow at night.This ritual is performed to remove the card from the energy of others and tun
e to your.

Browse value cards, but do not memorize them.Remembering to happen by itself, in the course of work.Maps in an upright position are favorable, and the upside - on the contrary.Select the alignment.There are different kinds - to self-knowledge, human, health, problem situations, love and family, finances and career.For each of them has its own arrangements unfolding, ie one card gives the answer to the question, and the other -.. Explained the situation, etc. Please get your hands on a good balance of the universal (the overall situation), and then proceed to the study of the other...

To get a meaningful day, pull out one card at random.Its value will let you know exactly what to expect.If you are worried for any reason, mentally ask the question.Then lay out the map.First place in the middle.She points to the crux of the problem.The second place to her left.The value tells you about the current situation.Third place on the right.That it will tell you how you need to do.

There is another guessing that it will be interesting to many girls.It will help to find out what will come with a specific person.Ask a question, and then pull the card.First place in the center.The value tells you about the nature of the relationship.Should be placed on the left.She tells about his feelings towards you.Another place the top card.It symbolizes a person's thoughts about you.The fourth position on the right.It will indicate what will happen in the near future.The last card, place the bottom.Its value will inform you about the end of your relationship.

Before divination deck mix well.Formulate a question specifically.Remember that the card must be stirred only by a person who works with them.Some experts say that if you're wondering for someone else, the questioner is allowed to move the deck itself.It is preferable to do so with his left hand.Before you consult the instruction, listen to your intuition, because cards are your guide.When you get an intuitive understanding of the scenario, examine the card fell more detail.If you feel that their interpretation does not correspond to the truth, trust your instincts.If the alignment will fail, do not worry, because the future multivariate - change the thoughts, actions, and the future will change as well.To do this, and there are hints of fate.

recommended daily wonders a few times.Be sure to write down the card fell, your interpretation, the overall outlook, as well as events that occurred afterwards.Thus, you will understand where erred and where value is interpreted correctly.

Get to Tarot gradually.It is important to realize that your life does not depend on the cards.It makes no sense to consult with them on any occasion, but confusing situations they can give you a hint and ask the right direction.