September 11, 2016 23:02

How to get rid of the man.Ending communication with man

Probably many falls dubious "happiness" to deal with annoying and uninteresting companion.Ears already wither from an abundance of useless information, do your best hints, and the person continues to broadcast.Enrages all: manner of speaking, behavior, stupid things.It seems that to get rid of such a person is simply impossible.Fortunately, there are several proven ways.

Ignore any action nerds.Do not even pretend to listen to it.Mentally create a cocoon around him security.It only clean air, birds singing and the sound of water.Even if your "friend" and not lag behind, at least the nerves will be more whole.

Learn to say no.From energy vampires suffer mostly kind and gentle at heart people.They are uncomfortable just dump the nasty lady for fear of appearing rude.In this case, not to good manners.Just say that you're not interested, and be engaged in the affairs.

3 Switch
attention boring person on the other object.To do this, acquaint him with someone who does not have enough at
tention, the presence of the crowd of admirers and cronies.Try to get lost in a big company.

Minimize the live communication.Postpone the meeting, citing urgent business.In answer phone calls through time.Refuse to participate in group activities.If you happened to meet in a coffee shop or a store, take a thoughtful look and walk past.

best defense - attack.Proceed with the same methods.Continuing to talk about their problems, the appearance of a monotonous tone.Violently indignant when you try to interrupt a conversation or put it in a different direction.As often as possible to annoy different missions: from going to the store to childcare.Such tactics of behavior would get anyone.

good way to discourage a person - ask to borrow some money.As a rule, it works flawlessly.

Conspiracies and prayers.Believers are crying out to the heavens and to the saints, and atheists prefer magical rites.For example, wait until the first day, when the moon will begin to decline.In an empty room on a sheet of paper, write the name of an unwanted person.Fold the sheet and shove in a plastic bottle.Pour water to the key and repeat three times a special spell "annoyed by distracting yourself, cast it with his life.His molestation in the ice turns.So menace turned from me How And this water will turn into ice. "Cork screw first, and then seal the wax with a burning white candle.Bottle leave for three days in the freezer, and then buried in a vacant lot.Hard, but can not hurt to try.

privilege to dispose of his life and time belongs to man himself.Only depends on you your own circle of communication.Get together with the spirit and deselect unnecessary characters.