September 19, 2016 23:05

How to get rid of corruption .How to remove damage .The article tells about methods of getting rid of corruption and how to protect yourself from it .

there spoilage guidance really?A moot point.But when something goes wrong, there are no forces of any physical or moral, but doctors say that you are perfectly healthy, many come to the conclusion that they put a spell.

Find out if you damage, you can use the eggs.Eggs should be from domestic chickens.Sit in front of the icon.The egg can roll out the body itself, but it is best to ask the person you trust.Start rolling out from his head in a clockwise direction, further, keeping the egg from the body, go to the spine and in turn run in the arms and legs.After the procedure, the egg is divided into a glass of water and considering the contents.If you see a protein caps, columns or cobweb, and yolk black or bloody point - it means you have damage.The water is drained from the egg into the bowl with the words "Hex, damage, disease, clean water, carry away (or God created the earth, take away) in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Amen!".To remove the damage is carried out r
olling out an egg for 7 consecutive days.

important to clean not only the man but also the house.Purification of the house make a waning moon.Open the windows or vents.Carpets, sprinkle with salt and vacuum clean.In a bucket of water, add broth of herbs - succession, sage, St. John's wort and 3 tbsp.spoons of salt.Wash the floor of the back room to the door.Pour the dirty water into the street, saying, "Where did - go out there and who did - one take away."Walk around the house with a church candle, imagining all the negative burns.If the candle starts to smoke - linger in this place.Put the candle burn out the icon.

Water well removes negative energy.Take a bath with sea salt and herbs.Popartes in the bath with an oak or birch twigs.After the pair stand under the shower, crossed and say three times: "Where the water there and hvoroba".

not believe gipsies and psychics, who are ready to take off your damage fee.These people - the good psychologists and possess great power of persuasion.First of all, they make sure that you have damage, and get rid of it in one session does not work.Once you give your gypsy decoration or empty your bank card to pay with a psychic, you forget about the damage.Because you will have other problems - financial or regret that you are so easily parted with a gold chain and wedding ring.

Wear amulets and charms of the damage and the evil eye.Believers are pectoral cross, which should not flaunt it, and worn under clothing.A string of red wool is considered a strong talisman.Threads tied on the wrist of his right hand.The easiest amulet - a safety pin, pinned on the wrong side of garment.At night, the pin chips and leave open, the morning returned to the place.If the pin darkened - bury it, and clothing will wear a new one.Amulet make a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet or belt.Materials for the manufacture of amulets and talismans - a stone, a variety of herbs, thread, bone.You can buy or guardian to make their own hands.The power of a talisman is not in form, but your faith in the fact that it will save you from the evil eye and slander.

Corruption exists so

, as people believe in it.Change the attitude towards life.If you think that you have a crown of celibacy - Get the appearance.If health problems - watch your diet, get rid of bad habits, join a fitness club.Man, self-confident, not afraid of any damage.